Attack of the Combined Movie Titles!

We’ve played this before, but in this case, you have to combine two similar titles.

I noticed several moths back that there were two miovies out simultaneously –

The Good German and

The Good Shepherd

It seemed to me they ought to be combined as
The Good German Shepherd
Back in the 1950s, the spate of “creature” films gave us

The Slime People and

The Mole People

You can put them together and almost get
The Slime Mold People

What else is there?

In musical theatre there’s Anyone Can Whistle, Whistle Down The Wind, & The Wind in the Willows, so obviously:

Anyone Can Whistle Down The Wind in the Willows

How about that 1970s monster movie

The Day of the Jackal Dolphin Locust

If they combined The Magnificent Seven and The Return of the Secaucus Seven and The Return of the King and Return to the Planet of the Apes then you get

The Return of the King of the Magnificent Secaucus Seven to the Planet of the Apes

What about ** Hair Grease Shampoo Hairspray**?

Spider Man + Twelve Angry Men = Twelve Angry Spidermen

Apocalypto Now

The Big Lebowski and Dick Tracy=

The Big Dick Tracy

I had this idea germinate in my mind when I heard this combination of movies announced in my ship’s Plan of the Day.
A spurned American woman, discovering that when she divorced her Islamic husband in Saudi Arabia she was also giving up custody of her children, goes to her former fighter squadron commander, and begs his help in staging a raid to kidnap/liberate her daughter:

Iron Eagle III: Not Without My Daughter

Igor: After Reading The Women, Kill (Burn, Choke) My Best Friend’s Righteous Appaloosa.

Erin Brokovich Screwed My Dog Skip

Ordinary Slime Mold People.

My personal favourite of this genre is the story of the punk Castilian knight who, under suspicion of killing his girlfriend, defeats the Moors while deceased.

El Sid and Nancy is truly a ‘must see’ production.

Twelve Angry Men + Three Men And A Baby = Twelve Angry Men And A Baby

Children of a Lesser Garden of Good and Evil

A jury hotly debates the trial of a time traveller accused of unleashing a world-destroying plague -
Twelve Angry Monkeys
Freemason impersonates a tribe’s monkey god -
The Man Who Would Be King Kong.
Johnny Depp stars in a touching tale of a boy with knives for fingers persuing his dream to make movies -
Ed Wood Scissorhands
Spy caper starring Dirk Bogarde and Pierce Brosnan -
The World Is Hot Enough For June.
A pair of time taqvelling teenagers gatecrash Felix Leier’s wedding, and shoot everybody. Four years later James Bond wakes from a coma and swears to hunt them down and kill them in revenge.
Licence To Kill Bill And Ted.

Two kids create a fantasy world, until one of them is tragically shot by the German army trying to cross the river.

A Bridge To Terabithia Too Far

edit: this next one’s already been posted.
Two British men travel to a remote island. Using loudspeakers, heavy construction equipment, and elaborate stuffed models, they pass themselves off as giant gorillas and rule over the island … until one of the maidens left as a sacrifice discovers their secret.

The Man Who Would Be King Kong*

The Firm Free Willy

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead or She’ll Shoot

I’m trying to figure out whether this is an angry mom movie, or a zombie movie. Either way it sounds really, really scary.

ETA: Isn’t it against the Zombie Code to use guns?

I had an image where someone is using the dead babysitter as a shield because their mother is threatening them with a gun. If mom knows the babysitter is dead, she’ll shoot.