Attack of the WOMBLES

Well, not just yet, but the media have started gathering, so there should be some action shortly…

So, I work in London in the building next to the Horsferry Road Magistrates court, where a group called the WOMBLES (White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles - I kid you not) are due (in just under half an hour) to begin a protest as part of the organised anarchist (love the irony :stuck_out_tongue: ) protests that have occured on May Day here in London for the past number of years. Apparantly, several of thier Members are due to be standing trial (or have just stood trial - I’m not sure) for various violent anti-capitalist activities committed in the past. From my window, I have a frustratingly blocked view of the front of the Court, but can see a bunch of camera-wielding media vultures standing around smoking and waiting for the stone-throwing and window-smashing to begin.

My Brother works on the border of Mayfair, which is the area where most of the protests are due to take place, so the Pixie family are going to be in the thick of it this year!!

More information on the 2001 protests and the plans to cope with the 2002 version.

Futher reports from your intrepid reporter on the scene as events warrant it…

This is grimpixie reporting live from London for the Teeming Millions.

Latest information -

heh heh


I can just imagine the photos in the newspapers tomarrow. Helmeted, truncheon weilding riot police pepper-spraying Orinoco. Uncle Bulgaria bieng shuttled into a paddywagon in plastic flexi-cuffs. ((sigh)).

Well, the action has started as the WOMBLES gather in the park across the road - although at the moment there are more police than Wombles, and more media than police…

So far the most exciting thing to happen has been that a smartly dressed lady has driven into the back of an unmarked police van because she was chatting on her mobile phone!!!


One of the guys in the Wombles costume is my friend John. He runs a social centre in a reclaimed building in North London. I’m so proud.

This in earlier (while hampsters were resting):

By now (10:30am) the road has cleared and there is nary a sign of the protesters, as the whole thing has gone off peacefuly - let’s just hope the rest of the day goes as smoothly!!


When I was in kindergarten, the person who had behaved the best that day was allowed to hold the womble during story time.

It was quite a thrill, let me tell you.