Attention MADs! New Yahoo! group

danceswithcats has been nice enough to start a Yahoo group for the MAD contingent among us. The idea is to facilitate gatherings and keep in touch, and so forth, because MPSIMS moves so fast that threads get lost after a day or so.

Anyone is, of course, welcome to join, regardless of geographic area. Interested parties may check us out here.

[sub]Disclaimer: Permission to post this was sought from the MPSIMS mods and granted. Just so’s you know.[/sub]


Minor modification-the mods will check your MAD credentials at the door, and may require the sponsorship of another MAD. A cold beer and other old-fashioned forms of bribery will always be acceptable. Some things never go out of style. :smiley:

Heh. dances was just foolish enough to make me a mod over there. C’mon and ask to be a member so I can, yanno, be moddy. :wink:

Heck, I can’t wait to be called a “jackbooted Nazi”! :smiley: Oh, the irony!

Robin ;j

Folks – if your email address doesn’t indicate what your Dopername is (or, close enough, anyway – mine is “twickster47,” for instance) – pls. put your username in the message section of your request.


I’m in.

Damn. So much for our plan to talk about you behind your back. :wink:

Pft. As if there’s anything exciting enough in my life to talk about.

I heard you knit. Knitting is exciting.

That must be some *damned loud knitting if you can hear it in Dundalk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this require a yahoo address? Cause I don’t need another damn email address these days–the four I have are more than enough.

Nope, no Yahoo address required.

(Okay, did I need my mod hat for that? frets)

OK, so let me in already!

I promise a case of ice cold beer!

Nah. No Mod Hat needed for friendly advice, or answering simple questions. Only when stepping out of the telephone booth in Jackbooted Nazi mode. :wink:

Where are my jackboots, BTW? and is it acceptable to wear a sandaled equivalent in this weather? My Birkenstocks are pretty substantial…

Management doesn’t supply them. Some prefer soft and strappy ones, others go for a more Doc Maarten appearance, so swing by a local Mods R Us store and avail yourself of whatever accessories complete your Modding wardrobe. :wink:

Bait and switch! Bait and switch! :mad:

YOU are Chili. Danceswithcats is Beer.

Oh, right.

OK, a pot of flaming chili!

And for the rest of you, a pot of well-seasoned, not burnt, chili!


I submitted my request for membership. Whose butt do I need to kiss? :wink: