Attn: All Who Contributed Signatures

I am putting together a mailing list so that I may e-mail y’all when the time comes for your special preview. Please mail me at:

Put “signatures” in the subject line. If you don’t e-mail me, I won’t be able to send you the preview, since I am too lazy to look up everyone’s addy.

Hoo Ahh!

Oh, and this includes people whose sigs I’ve forged.

And those of you who do know the secret, or think you do, please don’t ruin it for everybody else. Thanks!

Oh, and it’s still going to be a couple of weeks, I’m just getting as much together now as possible since I will be busy in the next few weeks. Be patient!

consider it done

Now now, why would I want to ruin it for everybody else? My lips are sealed. :smiley:

I don’t know…I’ve learned the hard way never to trust a doper after a certain doper got drunk and spilled the beans on Operation: Serenade Globey. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything.

Heh, but I trust you Globey…you never spilled the beans on Operation: Make Cubby Blush, even though we never pulled that one off. My own dang fault for forgetting to pack the purse-sized vibrator. :wink:



I am about to leave for the evening. Please, if this thread seems in danger of slipping to page 2, bump it for the benefit of your fellow signees.

And if you know any really cheesy songs, please tell me the name & artist. Lyrics are optional.

Thank you and good day.

::cough cough:: ok, I’ll e’mail ya tater.

What is this about?

Tatertot was collecting signatures form fellow Dopers, requesting they be scanned and emailed to her, or she would forge your signatur if you told her it was allright. You missed it though, as all the names have been collected and the plan is in motion. I would tell you what the signatures were being collected for, but I fear the wrath of Tater.

Better leave me off, then. I’m not a registered voter.

On its way.

Sent, with a smile!

Email is on its way

Eek! I should have also said put your board name in the body of the message. Ooops. The people who have contacted me so far, don’t worry, I’ll clear it up on my own, but for new people,please mention your board name.

Also, sorry for those who asked, but I can not take any further signatures at this time.

And it will be about two weeks before the preview comes, like I said, I’m just getting everything together now as I have a tight deadline at work next week and won’t have much time.


I figured this out myself and did include it in my e-mail. Do I win a toaster or something? :smiley:

Work? Here’s some more lines for work.


[sup]Mailed the mail. OK?[/sup]

Thanks, Skinny…I just might use that, I’ve got to get 3 films finished by Wednesday :eek:

And Wring, I’d send you my toaster, but it’s 220v. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, everybody. This will have been well worth your time, believe me.

Sent with a bump (& a grind, for that matter)

and thread bumped. Hoo hah!