Attn losers: Go to Asia and get laid!

“I am only object of lust for poor nerds who cannot get American pussy.”

As has been discussed in another thread, there have been several recent threads in which a Doper rants about being (un)(under)employed, broke, and living in their parent’s basement, and in every thread several people will recommend they ‘go teach English in Asia’, as though this is the panacea for all that ails you. Other Dopers express their frustration with the unqualified losers who come to Asia to teach, do a terrible job, screw around with the local women, and make more serious English teachers look bad.

Argent Towers defends his advice by saying, hey, at least a basement-dweller can get laid in Asia! As we all know, Chinese girls are just as cheap, disposable, and mass-produced as their nation’s inexpensive toys. Who cares if they’re used and discarded by foreign men looking to get their rocks off with an exotic oriental flower? They’ll give the guy more self-confidence! And isn’t that what they’re *there *for?

My advice is to cut out the middleman. Why bother going all the way to Asia to get bogged down in paperwork and, y’know, actual expectations that you’ll teach them something. If all you need is some Asian pussy, you can either get a Siamese cat, or go directly to this harem and select your own beautiful China doll. Who could resist these delicate blossoms of femininity, all living to serve your every need and give you sexual confidence?

That’s what happens when people who think the world owes them something to fuck take advice from other people who think the world owes them something to fuck.

That last link of yours is awesome! I’m gonna order two. That way I’ll be like, doubly-cool! :cool:

You’ve been on the internet for five years and you’ve just discovered that disgusting misogynist nerds tend to have fetishes for women like the ones they see in their pedophile rape anime DVDs?

I never said “a basement dweller can get laid in Asia.” What I said was:

I never said anything about any women being “cheap,” “disposable” or “mass produced.” These are all things that you are reading into what I wrote; straw men arguments which have no merit.

I do not see the point in this pitting.

You have to be terminally unobservant to miss how a lot of these “teach English in Asia” deals tend to be advertised to greasy losers desperate to score with those hot subservient Asian girls they heard about from the local Linux club.

So what this boils down to is: Can straw men get laid in Asia?

Inquiring minds want to know.

As long as they can pay for it, yes.

Does that imply that straw money is good in Asia?

Oh, if only . . . :frowning:

Why the hell am I always the last one to find out these things!

I have no idea how they’ve “advertised.” I’ve never actually seen an advertisement for a teaching job in Asia. I do have two different friends - close friends of mine, who each spent a year teaching English, one in China and one in Korea. Neither of them are greasy, losers, or know the first thing about Linux. They are both ambitious, motivated college graduates who were interested in the cultures of the countries they were visiting. Both of them got a lot out of the experience; they both enjoyed being able to teach; they appreciated the opportunity to learn about a different culture; and they both met a lot of women. They said that women over there were actually coming onto them, which I think is actually a unique experience for many guys because here in America it’s usually the guy who is supposed to make the first move. What else can I say?

If it makes other people feel good to call me names, then fine. I just everybody to feel good. So if it relieves some need of yours to call me a misogynist or a sleazeball, fine, call me that. I don’t think that I am one, but whatever, if you want to think so, then enjoy yourself.

That’s odd, as you also advised a guy to hire an escort to lose his virginity. You may consider this sound advice for every pathetic young man, but I find such advice rather reprehensible and exploitative.

Michael Ellis, it’s not so much I’ve just discovered this, but that I’m so annoyed with seeing it parroted over and over on the SDMB, which pats itself on the back for being such a forward-thinking, intellectual community. I’ve been here for 8 or 9 years, and I truly feel we should be better than this.

I’m sorry you find it reprehensible and exploitative. Some people also might find women using their sexual allure to gain money from men to be reprehensible and exploitative also. A woman at a high-class escort service can earn thousands of dollars in a night. Who’s exploiting who, here?

That that is probably not typical behavior for Asian women, at least not when Asian men are around, and probably reflects a quiet desperation to snag an American husband and move to the States.

Yes, it’s shameful that some pathetic Jezebel is taking sexual advantage of horny men and making them pay for it. :rolleyes:

While I was initially with the OP while reading it, I’m going to have to disagree. I don’t get rampant misogyny from what Argent is saying, but rather something I know I experience a lot in life: if you look different than most, you’re going to get more attention from the opposite sex.

I went to a predominantly African American and Mexican high school- I’m half white, half Italian. I had more dates than I knew what to do with, boys constantly hitting on me, flirting with me, and asking me out. Now,I’m not stunning beauty with a movie star body, I just looked different than the other girls.

And from my friends and family that have traveled extensively in Asia, I hear a similar story. My 6ft tall, blue eyed, brown haired cousin isn’t an unattractive guy and he certainly meets girls here, but he said he couldn’t walk down the street in Japan without getting hit on by a flock of chicks on every corner (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but he certainly experienced a much higher influx of interested women). Sure, no doubt some were opportunists or unsavory, but some had to have been normal girls looking for a date, too. Why did that happen? It ain’t that he’s a sex pot, he just stood out.

Both. That being my opinion, I assume I am allowed to find both distasteful, and to consider the one with the money the more distasteful of the two.

This is by far the impression that I got from the guys that I talked to. Not “ooh, I want to sleep with you so you can take me home to America,” but women being very impressed by the physical attributes of the men simply because they were different from what they were used to. Things like tall stature, blonde or brown hair, facial hair, etc, all were very alluring to women who were very used to one physical type. Anything “exotic” is always going to be alluring. I should mention, one of my very best friends had women hitting on him non-stop in Japan. Now, Japan is not a third world country. It is not a place where the women are looking to “snag” a wealthy American husband. The women in the cities he was staying in were not desperate. Yet he received non-stop attention from them. Because he’s a 6’2" Irish-American guy who looks nothing like what they are used to, obviously he is going to be hit on. What’s so wrong with taking advantage of that to get laid?

Some women go crazy for rock stars. Are rockers immoral for sleeping with all of their groupies? Why don’t you pit Aerosmith and Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth, while you’re at it? Everyone has a different reason for wanting to sleep with someone else; some are interested in looks, some personality, some money, some the sheer novelty of it, and so on.

Should an American deliberately string along a poor woman in China who is quite obviously under the impression that he is going to take her back to the States with him? NO.

And that’s the key, I think.
Also, the idea that the women are just trying to snag a rich American husband for a green card is more offensive and sexist to the women than anything Argent suggested. Maybe they just think white guys are hot because they are exotic looking and maybe as strong women, they want to enjoy a man (dating, fucking, whatever) they are attracted to. No shame in that.