Attn losers: Go to Asia and get laid!

Uh-oh. You know, Joe Colombo would be very, very pissed at you.

If he wasn’t dead, that is.

This just in… Even men who can’t get laid, still want to get laid. NSFW film at 11.

I don’t get it

Obligatory Onion link.

There’s a poster of Rush Limbaugh on her wall.

I’ll be candid; I’m not sure I get it either. But I’ve never thought of Italians as not being white. So, half white, and the other half white, too.


ETA: I can’t say for certain that Joe Colombo (whoever he [del]is[/del] was) would have seen it that way.

Oh, that’s fair. Normally, I’d agree, but I don’t look very. . .white. Most people can tell I’m something else and they end up having a helluva time guessing. I get Puerto Rican and Brazilian a lot. Middle Eastern often but less than hispanic, etc.

When I say I’m white, everyone screeches at me, “No you’re not! You’re half Italian!” Then when I say I’m half white and half Italian, people tell me Italian is white. I can’t win, lemme tell ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice MySpace angle.

Also, Italian is white. Anyone who says differently is pretty much full of shit.

You showed me. Dick feel a little bigger, friend? I grabbed the first picture I had handy that showed my skin and hair color, sorry if it offends you.

And I will be sure to tell everyone who says I don’t look white that they are full of shit. You will be my cite.

Boy, Michael Ellis is just one big bag of angry today.

Don’t make me do a re-enactment of the “Sicilian Scene” from True Romance.

Would you prefer they stay in the US insisting on discussing manga or practicing their limited Japanese on every Asian girl they come across (regardless of her actual ethnicity)?

Sadly, this doesn’t generally work for Asian guys in the states. Ah, well.

Well, I think it’s a nice pic DiosaBellissima. I’d have guessed a bit of something Mediterranean in your heritage (Greek? – But couldn’t get closer than that).

Werido Americans. :slight_smile: Go with “European” and you’ve got it covered. :slight_smile:

I’m half white and half Irish. Who is looking for me?

Honestly, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that and I’m sorry if you thought I was implying anything. It just reminds me of about 800 horrifying pictures I’ve seen over the years.

Always happy to help. Although if you really want them to shut up just tell them the proper term is “Mediterranean”.

Bullshit. This says *way *more about what parts of the internet you hang out on than anything else. Google up “esl job asia” and let me know how far down you have to go to find one of those ads.
Having lived in Asia for three years, I’d say that DiosaBellissima and Argent Towers are correct in their assessment as to what lays behind much of the cross-cultural dating scene. But there are some other things at work as well.

For one, Asian cultures tend to be much more patriarchal than the US, and especially more than the kind of inquisitive, open-minded types of Americans that tend to want to live overseas. I remember one date in Korea telling me that I was the first guy she’d ever dated that let her decide where we went or what movie we saw.

For another, in some cases the Asian girl is herself not “pick of the litter” in her own culture. A girl that many Asian men would call disgustingly fat might only be pleasingly plump to an American guy (ditto for several other physical features). A girl who is socially awkward in her own culture might actually connect easier with another outsider. Because of the misogyny, very smart girls are sometimes unpopular with Asian guys; but they’re also the ones most likely to have good enough English to date a foreigner.

Speaking of which – I am not shitting when I say that there are some girls that will date white guys because it’s a good chance to practice English.

Finally, and least healthily, I’ve seen the I-can-really-piss-off-my-dad-by-sleeping-with-a-white-guy dynamic at work.

Actually, you look a bit orange. Big fan of carrots, or descended from candy-factory workers?

So they are good ventriliqists ?

I’m sure she’s a professional photographer who used only the finest equipment money can buy, carefully set up all her lighting, bracketed for several shots, painstakingly processed them from RAW files, and made sure to post one that matches her exact skin tone under neutral lighting conditions. You did carefully calibrate your monitor, right, Vinyl Turnip?

You look bellissima to me, Diosa. :wink: