Attn: Phoenix Dopers!!! D'Backs/Yankees

My friend and I unexpectedly have two extra tickets to tomorrow night’s Yankee/D’back’s game. We’re not of a mind to try to stand around outside in trench coats asking passersby if they want to buy a watch…er, tickets. At least not in this heat.

I’ve asked everyone at work and they are either already going or have other plans. Rather than turn them in for tickets to another night’s game, I thought about the Dope and the fact that there are a few people in the area that might be interested. They aren’t the best seats, so they are cheap, but they aren’t the worst seats either.

If you are interested and want details please feel free to e-mail me at the following address:
DISCLAIMER to the Mods: I am not making a profit on (scalping) these tickets and will be selling them for face value only. If this post is against board rules, please feel free to lockdown/delete and I apologise.