August Dopefest in Buffalo (or Rochester), New York?

So I’ll be visiting my hometown of Buffalo, New York in the second week of August.

Any NY (or nearby Canadian) dopers live near there (or Rochester–where I’ll also be visiting for awhile) who might want to get together for some drinks or something?

Even if it’s just one or two, that’d be fine.

Might be fun, mrAru and I go up one weekend a month other committments permitting,Mom lives outside Rochester in Caledonia. Havent been to Buffalo in about 10 years =)

Wish I could! That’s where I grew up, but live too far away right now. :frowning:

I’m in the area (closer to Rochester than Buffalo) but it’s definitely a possibility.

Well, I’ll actually be STAYING IN Rochester, so that actually works out better for me (so as it seems two people are saying Rochester works better for them, it might be a good place overall, then).

I know there are other posters from Rochester. Off the top of my head, there’s Exapno Mapcase and Nzinga, Seated.

I will keep an eye on this, I am up in the Buffalo area (and could easily get closer to Rochester) quite often over the summer, but I don’t know specific dates yet.


Nonsense, we also live in CT and as I said we head up to the Rochester area once a month. From the eastern end of CT it is just a hair under 400 miles one way, about 7 hours drive. Want a ride?

And Otakulukoi. At least I think he is still in Rochester.

Man I did that drive so often growing up! Youre a better man than I, Gunga Din. Too far right now, as I’m packing up my house to move!


I think Elmwood also lives in the area. I think he’s in Buffalo not Rochester.

I’m in Buffalo too, although I don’t post all that much. I might be able to make it out to Rochester, but would of course love a Buffalo meeting. :slight_smile:

Nice, this is starting to take form, it looks like.

While I live in Akron OH, I’d be up for this. I drive farther than that to get good beer.

Okay, so we should probably get it settled now. Should we hold it in Buffalo or Rochester?

I’m fine with either, so I’ll abstain.
Seems like most people are saying Rochester works better for them, but it might help to actually get a vote on what is better for each person and then just go with the one that the most people can work with.

Rochester is definitely better for me but Buffalo would be doable.

Is there anyone for whom one city would be a deal breaker?

A bump

OK, so if it is Rochester, where would we like to meet up? There are a number of places to eat.

We also need to pin down a specific date.

What days are people available? I’m retired and I live in the area so my schedule is open.

Okay, it’s official now, I’ll be visiting from the 13th of AUGUST to about the 22nd/23rd.