Aussies: help with this bit of Pure Pop Perfection from the '80's I think

The Stems - The Man With the Golden Heart:

Man I love this little song, from the opening bit with the Ah-cha-cha! little guitar scrape at the beginning to the very end. EVERY freakin’ element of this song is a hook - the guitar bit is kinda like That’s What I Like About You. And the organ - so tasty! Just the perfect mix of groove and lead work.

Please tell me this was a huge hit in Australia! Were these guys considered very good or just a one hit pop group? I remember hearing it - once - on Live 105 in SF in the 80’s and just loving it. I remembered it and when YouTube became a Thing, would check the song every now and them. Still has it.

ETA: looks like it is from the 80’s. I will ask for a title edit.

Makes me want to do the Watusi with some Aussie hunk.

The big hit off the album was the opener, At First Sight.

The band was considered great not good and this was their debut album. It got excellent reviews and sold like popsicles in July. Unfortunately it would also be their last album: the band played their last live show less than a month after the album was released and announced their breakup right before a brief tour was supposed to start a couple of months later.

Of course, 15 or 20 years later they got back together again for some shows, some recording, some more shows, another farewell tour, more shows, etc.

Thanks Bo. Jesus, do you think they listened to Big Star? That sounds just like them, middle eight guitar work and all.