Avatar fight thread!

Whose avatar could defeat all the others in battle? I’m confident my mighty hippo is up there and is tougher than most. Could anyone’s avatar (and please don’t change it just for this thread!) beat mine in a fight?

Maybe a hippo grinder?

Your swirly thing can be in the fight, but it doesn’t get an operator… so I think my hippo still prevails! :wink:

Mine is the sun, so, yeah. Hippo going down.

I’m a rider, not a fighter. Unless I’m allowed to mount a large caliber rifle on the thing.
Given a bit of room, I can ride faster than a hippo can run.

I will glare at you in a disapproving manner until you realize the error of your ways.

Okay, point to the sun. Especially because I was thinking the fight would take in the Roman Colosseum.

Sorry, all you get is what’s in your avatar picture. My hippo smashes your flimsy trike.

pedals away frantically

Me, that’s all I gonna say. 4 of me and 4 times my brain power. I will defeat your hippo with human ingenuity. Just sit back and watch. And, Sunny I have plenty of sunblock.

A red-ruffed lemur could take down a stupid hippopotamus. It could happen. You don’t know.

Mine is angry high voltage actually killing a guy!

Not gonna be much of a fight when you’re all tied up, now is it?

Not any more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay Spiderman beats hippo. But it won’t be easy!

A brain in a jar beats all. Once you take a brain out of a body and put it in a jar, it gets all kind of telekinetic and psionic powers. That’s just good science.

Nobody’s heels are safe around me!!

Building falls on you…

A flying squirrel wearing aviator goggles? The combination of badassery and adorableness discombobulates all opponents and takes them out without twitching a whisker.

<edging sidelong toward the exit…>

After donning my cardigan and sneakers. I’ll welcome you to the neighborhood. Then when you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security, you’ll drop your hippo guard and at that moment I’ll unleash a world of (imaginary) hurt on you!