Awesome feline battle armor!

I think I saw this on Laughing Squid. Just in case you


seen it.

Put a saddle on him and get a He-Man action figure.

Our cat Archie never needed armor. He was fluffy black-and-white. He always fought in formal wear. Always won, too. Even beat up some dogs! :eek:

As my grandfather would say: That’s the cat’s meow.

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Does that look ‘Game of Throney’ to anyone else. Not sure why, but that was the first thought of the armour style that popped into my head when i saw it.

Aye. Mentioned it to the SO.

The first thing I thought of was Frank Frazetta.

It’s cool and well made. I do feel like it needs a saddle, and a rat or bird or something on top (allowing for interspecies cooperation).

Maybe Targaryen-y?

So he’s basically James Bond? This brings up the question: if the Bond movies starred cats, are “Pussy Galore,” “Octopussy” too literal to use as puns, and what should they be changed to? “Beaver Galore”?

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I’m surprised that cat didn’t stiffen up, fall over & give its human the “hell no” stare.

That’s a nice-looking set of armor too. It’s nice to see that the cat seems pretty comfortable with wearing it.

More like Popeye the Sailor in a tux, if you can imagine that. In the house he was pretty much the kitten he had always been. In the kitchen if one of us was preparing something to eat he would look up at us with those big green eyes, and sometimers meow. Those sharp little teeth. He always got his cut of whatever meat we had for dinner, and he loved halibut or any other kind of fish. We miss him very much. :frowning:

I really like the leather armor for the cats. This one is clearly working for the Thieves’ Guild.

Jeff de Boer’s metalwork armors are for those cats and mice who prefer the Heavy Armor options, I guess.

Looks cool, but offers no protection for the chest /belly, which is pretty important in fight.


SNL did it first. (video; transcript)

I used to be a badass cat in battle armor.

But then I took a…

Nah, the saddle needs to be on a dog.

Yeah, but who would send a knight out on a dog like that?

Dated memes? Cat army! Get him my pretties!

There is this guy: rat on a cat on dog… (on a… log?) I guess the dog passed away :frowning: I don’t know where to find him since there are people from at least 4 cities claiming him as their own.

saddle on a dog -

I wanted to make that joke, but no one else was providing the obligatory straight line. You can catch the next one. :slight_smile:

The Samurai armor makes me think of Miaowara Tomokato.