Awright I'm bawck!...

The title would sound like Ahnold if we were live.

Anyway, here’s something totally mundane and pointless:

About 5 years ago, this userid (Ookpik) bacame locked out and inaccessible to me. The SD staff tried to recover it at the time, but were unable to.

I then created the userid named “ookpik2” much to my chagrin, and have been using that one ever since.

Well, the SD staff made my day today by sending me a very pleasant email message asking me which one these 2 userids I’d like to keep!

I was well pleased!

That’s all!

Many thanks to the Web team!
Now to get my post count above .09 per day…

A very feathery welcome back to you.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

So that means no more ookpik2.

Great, I couldn’t stand that guy. :smiley: