Axl Rose wants the Internet to take down his fat pics

Take me Down for a Pair o’ Baked Zitis

So much for that aloof rock-n-roll spirit. All Axl really did was make his butthurt over the fat memes viral and encourage more to exist.

Hellooo, Streisand Effect…

He needs to hire Hooli to strip those search results.

I was unaware of those pictures until he mentioned them. Hah!

I once overheard this in a club: “Axl Rose? Who the hell is that fat old Queen?”

Hard to forget a line like that. :smiley:

Same here. Streisand effect indeed.

Why did I not know about these memes? You failed me internet. Some of these are hilarious.

This is probably as good a place as any to mention the authorized bathroom wall graffiti* that I saw yesterday at a garden center:

[del]Guns[/del] N’ Roses.

Some dear heart got upset over the mention of guns.

*this place even provides markers so you can add your own.

Frankly, it wouldn’t bother me a bit if every photo, every video, every mention of that poser were removed from the Internet.

Ya know, I’d like it if I wasn’t fat, old and had a hairdo that made my head look like a penis. But I’m self aware enough that I know that I only have myself to blame for these things, and revel in them.


Usually I’m opposed to fat-shaming people, but Axl Rose has just been such a jackass to people over the course of his career that I really can’t work up even mild annoyance at it. I look forward to seeing what the Streissand effect does to him in this case.

Or maybe they were making a joke about the fact that the garden center only sells roses and not guns. That was my first thought when I saw the strikethrough, I’d make a joke like that and I’m… not exactly the type to get upset at the mention of guns.

What does he want, all his fat pics to be sucked away through the tubes?

Let’s see. Axl went through a skinny phase and a fat phase. He’s played in Las Vegas. He couldn’t be Elvis trying to make a comeback, could he?

No, too bizarre to contemplate. Forget I even brought it up.

Yeah, this worked so well with Beyonce.

And get off my lawn, too! :smiley:

Take me down
to the Paradise City,
where the griefers meme
and they show no pity.

Oh won’t you please take me there.

I don’t have any of my current glory, and my wife alternates on agreeing whether it looks like a penis or not (I think she thinks I’m reveling in that fact a bit much). Think of 80’s-90’s Peter Boyle, but dishwater blond.

What was it that Joe Rogan said on NewsRadio about taking pictures off the internet? “It’s like peeing in the pool. Once it’s in there, you can’t get it out!”


*Yet Another Thing I Didn’t Know Was A “Thing” Until The Idiot Tried To Suppress It.