Baby did a bad bad thing...or how I am a completely selfish asshat!

I did a horrible thing.
I am so damned selfish and an asshat to boot.:frowning:
I breached my best friend’s trust by hacking into her LJ and attempting to steal a code from her.
See,I am the only one out my incredibly SMALL group of friends who doesn’t have an LJ and I felt left out. I wanted to be ‘cool’ like they are.
And I can’t believe I guessed her password. Out of all the words she could have used, she used one that was so obvious it might as well have been lit up like a neon sign.
Needless to say,she’s changed it now that I"ve told her what I did.She was extremely pissed at me,as well she should be. I told her if she didn’t want to ever talk to me again,I’d not blame her for it. I am an incredibly selfish asshat.:frowning:

Oh and feel free to flame me. I know I deserve it.:smack:

So why didn’t you just ask her for a code?

If she had codes, why didn’t you just ask her?

And why would we flame you for spying on your friend?

Good God. That’s a nice thing to do. There are almost always threads around HERE with tons on codes- why would you breach her trust like that?

For the …DRAMA???

Based on past threads and this, I think you need to get a frickin’ grip and grow up already, IDBB. Really. Get help if you need it, but this is just sad.

I did ask her but she didn’t have one at the time.According to what she’s told me she gave a code to another mutual friend and was going to ‘borrow’ one(since nonpaying users only get ONE code apparently)from another person on LJ to give to me. Only that other person who she was supposed to get the code from is withholding.
I just checked my email too and she said


Giraffe–I am expecting heavy flames over this because I betrayed my friendship with Rene over something so lame as an LJ.



Thank you,Zette.:frowning:
I am an idiot. A complete idiot.And I don’t deserve shit,especially nice friends like Rene who’ve been there with me through some really tough crapola.
flogs herself with a cat-o-nine-tails


Huh. I mean, I agree that what you did was wrong and inexplicably stupid, but it doesn’t make me want to call you names or anything. It just makes me shake my head.

What Zette said. Effing pathetic.

Isn’t spying on each other what the government wants us to do now? I mean, she could be a terrorist!

Well, you can flog yourself all you want, but I think your time would be better spent asking yourself why you excercised such poor judgement. I hear you saying “I’m an idiot” and “I don’t deserve shit, especially nice friends” and in other threads you talk about how other people treat you poorly, etc.

Do you WANT to be treated that way? Are you actually throwing these kinds of relationships away because you “don’t deserve” them? Really, this is food for thought.

Zette–when you grow up being treated like crap, you learn that you ARE crap and that you don’t deserve anything because you are crap.
I was lucky to meet Rene and have her for a friend but I messed up, as I always do and fucked up another friendship for something stupid.



[ul][li]You are an incredibly selfish asshat.[/li][li]And an incredibly stupid one, too–you TOLD her? Geez.[/li][li]And an incredibly lazy one, too–if you Google “lj codes”, you can find sites where people are GIVING AWAY codes.[/li][li]And an incredibly cheap one, too–coughing up five bucks would have gotten you in without having had to violate your friend’s trust.[/ul][/li]
There, feel better now? :smiley:


My name is I_Dig_Bad_Boys.

I love drama.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

I live in a really nice house, did I tell you that already?

I am true blue Texan, yet… I live in the “armpit” part of the state.


I like to make fun of poseurs and my in-laws, cause it’s fun!
I like to post rants!

I’m a punk! wee!
I’m a rebel! wee!
look at my disney site! Wee!


Don’t you see?
I love attention!

Ain’t no such thing as negative attention!

I know I dig on you a lot IDBB (no pun intended), but I am saying this in ernest.



Stop with the attention whoring.

Beating yourself up over it is wasting time.

Wait a week, then send her flowers (or a box of chocolate, or something). Include a note that says something like, “I’m really sorry. I know you’re pissed at me, and you’ve got every right to be. If you’ll let me, I’d like to try to make it up to you. Let me know if you want that. Until then, my best wishes, IDBB.” Or something like that.

Do what you can to make it right; if you can’t make it right, chalk it up to a learning experience, and move on. And next time, keep your friend’s trust in mind.



I felt really horrible about doing it which is why I told her.You’re right.I should have googled it and tried to come up with a code that way but at the time that didn’t occur to me and I am just too damned cheap to buy an account.

What’s Ernest got to do with this?:confused:

Daniel–seeing as that she lives in Omaha,I won’t be sending her anything but I did send her an email back and hope that she forgives me in time.
I wouldn’t be suprised if our mutual friends shunned me as well for being so stupid and betraying her that way.

IDBB(who is NOT an attention whore…just somebody who did a bad,bad thing)

Yes, yes you do. And then you know what happens? You grow up and learn how to act like an adult. You aren’t a child, IDBB. If you have self esteem issues so serious that you sabotage your own relationships and beat yourself up constantly about your self-worth, you need some serious help. Get it, and stop with the drama already. Enough is enough.

If you are rolling your eyes at that, the I’ll say this “Cry me a fucking river”. Guess what? Lots of people grow up treated like crap, abused, and neglected. And guess what else? You get over it or get help. Hurting other people because YOU hurt is not an acceptable way to behave. If you know that in your head then live it already and stop pointing the finger at everyone else. I’ve rarely encountered someone as unwilling to take responsibility for her own actions as you. (Everyone treated me bad, etc)


So terribly sorry for the typo. I am sure I confused you by not spelling earnest correctly.

Mea Culpa.

On invitation, I checked out your blog.

If only a quarter of the stuff in there is true, you need to seek help.

My most favorite was Ghetto Laundry Service, in which you describe people “so-black-they’re-blue” and “black mamas” and such.


Your pathetic. Pathetic for doing this to someone you call a friend. Pathetic for being such a fucking drama queen that you actually feel it necessary to start a thread about it. I really hope someone gives you a code so you can start putting this kind of shit somewhere else.

Please, some kind doper out there give her a fucking LJ code.

Good Lord. You stole an account code from your friend - who will now not trust you ever again. Then, you came in here to fucking post about it? THEN, you tell us “when you grow up being treated like crap, you learn that you ARE crap and that you don’t deserve anything because you are crap” and we’re supposed to feel sorry for you?

I have never seen anyone in more dire need of a live journal. Jesus.