Baby Gaga Icecream?

Am I wrong in feeling just a bit squeamish at the thought?

It does make my stomach flip a bit, but I might try it if I were drunk enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t have to be drunk - I’d happily try it any time of day.

Regular ice cream skeeves me out enough. Forget boob milk.

10 ounces. You’d have to pay me a hell of a lot more than fifteen pounds for ten ounces of milk. That’s about an hour strapped to a breast pump. Ouch. Ouch ouch.

I remember thinking myself as a sort of cow when I was breastfeeding, still this makes me uncomfortable. I didn’t have a problem with donating milk,- I did so several times-, but selling one’s breast milk for a commercial purpose seems demeaning to me. Reading that the product is “free range” didn’t strike me as funny.

Grumble. I’m getting old and bad-tempered.

I’m kind of the Roy Tyrell of eating gross stuff. I’d put human breast milk (haven’t tried it yet) maybe 20th on the list.

Demeaning how? Like not telling a woman you’re going to make ice cream out of her milk? Or even someone just deciding to do that with her own boob juice?

FS, selling a private part of yourself, that’s what squeaks me out. If someone did that with her own “boob juice”, I’d just consider that odd or narcissistic.

So it’s the selling aspect?

Like, even if a person did it with their own juice (as opposed to some company doing it), that would be demeaning? That I don’t get…

Relevant thread.

The name Baby Gaga lacks so much imagination and is frankly ho-ish, invoking images and connections to a pop star…

After having tasted haggis, I already think Brits will eat just about anything. This confirms my suspicion.

The stupid fucking name grosses me out more than the actual product, and considering how little I want to try it, that’s not saying much.

Goes well after placenta stew!

[sub] I think I just squicked myself out.[/sub]

Guess you’re not a big fan of sperm/egg donors either. Or organ donors. Or hair donors. Or… well, we won’t get into that.

First, ick. No, thank you.

BUT… why do we think it’s perfectly normal to ingest milk from other animals but not from humans? Isn’t it more natural to drink something we produce ourselves ?

Along these lines, I have a theory that lactose intolerance runs rampant because, in fact, we’re not supposed to drink milk (of any kind) after we’ve been weaned. Our bodies don’t process it correctly because they’re not designed to.

im gonna be sick

So that’s explains the milk truck stopping by the neighbor lady’s house every couple of days…

So is little old slightly-conservative-by-Doper-standards me the only one here who has actually tried breast milk and found nothing wrong with it?

(Wife wasn’t able to breastfeed either of our children for different reasons (one wouldn’t latch on, and one was born with a cleft palette that required him to be tube fed as a baby) and yet was stuck with two boobsful of milk that had to go somewhere)

I’d try it.

Just not for that outrageous price. :eek: