Baby Momma Drama

My husband’s ex, and the mother of his child is healing from a recent car wreck and is milking the hell out of it (her arm is broke), as in “I can’t work at all I am hurt, I need to go out and party to get my mind off this!” It is all just bull, I saw her in town yesterday in a gas station parking lot rough housing with some guy, :confused: But anyway, my husband switched rotations at work and took a part time job to make more money. The ex threw a fit… said he didn’t care about his little girl, but in truth he will keep her twice a week now instead of once. She has been calling all day. I have kept quiet, and been supportive. I am trying to really watch my bitching about her he doesn’t need it from both ends (yes, you are right )

There really is no real point to this, I am just so sick of the drama and need to vent, ever so slightly.

Venting is good if it makes you feel better. Ex relationships are hard. I started a thread about how I had to end a relationship with a very nice gentleman who had to pay alimony and I refused to be attached to his ex wife for an indefinite period of time.

However, you knew what you got when you took him on. He has baggage and although it drives you crazy (it would me too!!) you need to try to allow him to deal with it himself. That being said, you need to have a talk with him about setting bounderies so you aren’t constantly being upset by the bad choices of his past. Good luck.