Bachelor Party at Mully's!!

Well, the Mullinatrix is out of town for the week, so the dog and I figured we would offer up our humble abode as the place to hold any and all parties, gatherings, shindigs, hootenanies, and galas you may want to throw. Just be sure to clean off the ceilings and leave a tip at the door.

Huh. I wondered about that mushroom cloud I saw from across town. Now I understand.

Try to avoid repetitive-motion injury in that remote-control thumb, Mully.

And remember, you will have to do things like bathe, shave, wear a shirt and pants, speak in multiple syllables and avoid touching certain parts of your body freely and openly when your better half returns.

I’d be down with junk food and a 12-pack for the Michigan State-Illinois game this evening, except for the no-money, six-or-so-states-away thing.

What sort of a rave did you have in mind, Mully?

Right now, we’re talking a lot of nudity, minimal upkeep on the housework and nothing but sports and Battlebots on the TV. My family would be proud.

Hey, Mully! Didja catch Tech vs. Maryland last night? The Jackets pulled off a pretty nice upset. I only saw bits and pieces (MY family is all home) but it looked like a pretty good game.

Don’t forget the copious scratching and cigars.

Yeah, I caught the 2nd half. I hope they make the tourney. At the very least I should be able to score some decent seats for the ACC tourney.

I brought the cards and poker chips.

How about those UNC Heels boys…huh?

Where’s the dancing girls?

The thread title said “Bachelor Party”.

Pass the chips…

So, Mullinator, are you proposing an actual Atlanta Dopefest at your house, or is this thread just one of your periodic and patented desperate cries for attention?

I think you all know me well enough by now to chalk this up under the category of desperate plea for attention.

Just wait until I start the thread proclaiming wonderful things about a certain column in the current issue of Teemings.