Back from Houston...

and all the people I met there were great! This thread is for you guys in the order that I met you: Beatle, Rob Gruver (I hope I spelled it right, many people think it is a play on the name Grave Robber), Sealemon, Shannin (and daughter), Ayesha, and Lionsob. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. I don’t think I did. Everyone was very nice and interesting. I just wish I could have been more awake since I can’t sleep well in a hotel room.

I couldn’t find the other thread where the trip was mentioned so I put one here.

Thanks again and 0|D=!

I enjoyed visiting with you, pal. Come again!

Sorry I missed it, and hope you had fun!

(You know, somebody could have emailed me…)

Well Irishman if you will email me I will add your name to my email address book !

The LIONsob and I really enjoyed meeting you Sqrl. If you get back this way or he and I make it up to the DC area we will all have to get together again.

You’re right, pal. Somebody could have emailed you.


We even mused about you. I’ll try to keep you informed of what I know about. Are you on for the 14th?