Back on the road again: an MMP

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Heading due South (ish). Talk amongst yourselves while I drive.

From the previous MMP:
Gordie has a toy box (actually the bottom of the cat tree). He does not destroy them. Physically. I’m not sure of their mental state after he…apreciates them.

Of course dogs destroy toys! Sheesh, it’s their inner wolf coming out! Higgs’ inner wolf particularly hates (loves?) a certain now-legless pig… :eek:

And it’s another week in paradise. Nothing else to add. Happy Moanday!

Happy Moonday!

Just for you Doggio
I changed my Moonday irk hours so I can sleep in and I woke up at 5:30 anyway.

It’s a cool and cloudy 66 degrees outside. Supposed to be rainy today with a high of 79.

As soon as I get off irk I have to call the car place and see what to do about fixing the truck. I hope it’s just the battery. I hope I can drive it there instead of having it towed. I’ll know better what I am going to do later.

MetalMouse - I’m sure it would make an interesting video if I stuck an electric toothbrush in Ripple’s mouth. :smiley:


Jesús, María y José.

Last week I got my kitchen destroyed (on purpose!), a heat pump put in and the heater replaced by one which is absolutely great and not old enough to vote; the carpenter is coming at the end of the month to put in the new kitchen (he couldn’t get the materials sooner, but this way I could be around for the destruction part and make sure the right parts got the hammer). The flat under mine, which owed five figures to the HOA, finally got sold and it’s being gutted and rebuilt. The bar on the ground floor is redoing the bathroom; they’re going from two small, gender-segregated ones, to a single one with a bigger and smaller stall.

And today someone has started doing some serious banging on the apartment across the wall I’m just now looking at.

When I told Financebro the destroyers would come last week, he said “isn’t everybody on vacation?” “Construction workers? How many are self-employed? Since when do self-employed people get vacation, if someone is willing to pay us to work?”

There is a lot of people willing to pay for construction work in this block, evidently!

It’s Moanday and I have to meet with an employee to tell her that she is being booted from her space and needs to purge everything from the library. I’ve told her this twice and was met with resistance. I don’t want to have the talk with her.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffeinated, and fast broken, so no YAWN. 'Tis 75 degrees out and fair (I’ll go with that as I did not feel any injustice whilst I was out earlier) with a predicted high of 94 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Since I have been up forever (well, five a.m.) I have dusted and vacuumed da cave. I shall tackle the bathroom and kitchen and mop floors at some point. Won’t take long as the place is relatively sanitary. We shall finally sup upon the chikin boobs I smoked last week. Side matter TBD.

Sari I knew what the link was even before I opened it up. :smiley: I jammed.

doggio I’m sure you’re on the road as I post, but safe travels. I am sure that Gordie and Alex Catt will be beyond thrilled upon your return.

OK, I suppose I should do sump’n. Or go mess on the book of faces. It’s good to be all willy-nilly like that!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

She first digs out the squeaker, then methodically removes all the stuffing. I can’t tell if the skin is ripped up during removal or if she shreds the skin afterwards.

Morning all. No pets here so no stories of destruction.

The painters are back prepping the walls, don’t know for how long. They are early risers, got here about 7:15am.

doggio, safe travels.

wet one, document/write down when and where you’ve told her, because I guarantee she’ll complain to your leadership that “nobody told me!!”

Nava, my kitchen (and bathroom) are getting the same treatment; everything is gone right down to the concrete slab. Living in the other half of the house (with the small bathroom for relief), but hoping to resume normal life in September.

72F on the way to 91F. More soccer with the 6-year olds tonight. I think I might get out and order the carpet for the bedroom now, so they can have it when the other work gets done. Or not.

It’s Monday and I’m sunburned. We took the kids to the Milwaukee County Zoo this past weekend, along with my brother, his wife and their kids. The little cousins had fun with the animals and running around the zoo. The Milwaukee County Zoo has these old school Mold-A-Rama machines that the kids just loved. They’ve had them since I was a kid. Ah, the smell of hot plastic takes me back. I got a bit too much sun on my chest, shoulders and the back of my neck. Ah, well. The kids had fun.

Howdy. Today’s the day for my security cameras to arrive. I just hope they are as simple to hook up as all the reviews say.

I don’t know what else shall happen today if much of anything.

Swampy we are showing our age. Kind of scary that you knew because it could have been

Ripple isn’t too hard on his toys. He still has (most of) the one that came with him. He ripped the tail off. I’m trying to find another one like it because it is his favorite.

Let me know about the security system Butters. I’ve been wanting something to wathc the doors, like a Ring type system, but the installation and setup has been holding me back.

Safe travels doggio!

wet one, that’s one thing that I don’t miss about being in a supervisory role. I hope things go well.

I made the executive decision to take the rest of the week off after talking to my boss. I have the financing set up for the new car, whatever it will be (I’m leaning towards a Corolla) and now need to give the insurance guy a call and touch base with the tow lot. I’ll go to the grocery sto’ again today to pick up a few more things on the list. I also set up a doctor appointment for Thursday to make sure that I’m progressing well. Right now, I could use a nap.

My roadtrip (home) was Sat; have a shorter one this weekend & the next longer one on Labor Day weekend. How can that only a few weeks away? :frowning:

That’s what I was thinking of.

Ramas are abused is far too many ways, they’re molded, bowled, laundered, etc. :mad:
Actually, that looks like an old precursor of today’s 3D printers.

The kitchen here at work is getting a re-do. I went in at lunch and discovered the wall cabinets were gone and the base cabinets were about to be removed. I was able to grab my lunch bag and get out of the way. But I had to eat my sammich without melting the cheese - alas!! The microwave was disconnected and shoved under a table.

Apparently, I have a rather severe RBF. Last week, Doug suggested I was angry when he came in and spoke to me. I wasn’t, but I guess my face didn’t know that. Baby Engineer said I tend to look mean. Maybe that’s why they all leave me alone. :smiley:

The cable guys were due at the house around an hour ago. When they were installing the VOIP last week, they noticed that the cable coming from outside into the house was inadequate for the bandwidth, plus we had a spaghetti of splitters, which was bad. They’re supposed to rectify all of that for us today.

Exciting, huh?

Mooommm Upgrading cable and getting better bandwidth is always exciting. :smiley:

**Sunny **- just hope it’s for reals. Not that it’ll help my crappy 8-y/o PC. Sadly, I’m going to be on Win10 in a few weeks, and my sad old machine will go away. Time to back up all my photos.

Must have been the weekend for car issues.

My niece got rear-ended, car is in the shop. The she was driving the rental and got his by a fire truck and the rental is totalled. She got hurt but not too badly, none of the kids got hurt. the fire truck was doing 90-100 mph when it hit her, I think they are all lucky to be alive.

She was in the left turn lane as it was coming up behind her so she tried to make a quick left to get out of the way, as the fire truck went into the oncoming lane to get around her.

I called the car dealer and they never called me back so I am going to try to get to Advanced Auto Parts, they will put in the battery and check the alternator for me. I still have the orignal battery, 6 years old, from what I read that is a long time for a battery to last.
I also thought batteries cost around $60, tells you how long since I have bought one.

Spidey - no surprise since you are a youngun.

I’m not an old [del]bird[/del] fart like [del]Frank Purdue[/del] Swampy but I ain’t no spring chicken either.

Sitting on a looong conf call; training for a system that I don’t (yet) have access to. Trying to stay awake. Failing…miserably. Came over here to see what’s going on. Anyone have some [del]caffeine[/del] No Doz?

Truck is fixed, it was the battery.
Took no time at all.
Rain held off until he was done, then it poured.
And I got my state refund today.

So not a bad day at all.

Good morning mumpers, well, for another 10 minutes anyway. I heard that we had avatars and came to try it out, cool! I have updates and stuff, but I’m going outside before it gets too hot. Although it might not, the sky is grey with haze from wildfires all around us, yesterday was much cooler than the forecast on account of it. My breathing is a little wheezy from it, but it’s better than the heat.

Okay, I’m gone to drink coffee and watch the birds at the feeders, I’ll be back in a bit.