Bad, bad, bad Grandson reminds me of Bad, bad ,bad Son

My eldest grandwrex/son came downstairs this morning with nice clothes on and fresh wettened hair combed in an alarming shape. And, thank god, clean socks.

Son-of-a-wrek went through these things before puberty. I’m not sure I can explain why.
It may have been in response to the family turning green and gagging when he removed his shoes.

Once he decided to wear a bowtie and carry a cast off briefcase. That was most of his 4th grade year. He had no care if anyone looked askance. It bothered his teacher, though. I, as a young Mother clued her in to the fact that kids be weird. Son-of-a-wrek especially.
He’s always been strange.

In 5th grade he befriended Shane the stinky. Shane was very improvised. Big family, drunken Dad. Son-of-a-wrek insisted I add extra lunch to his lunch box for Shane.
I tried to explain Shane was probably getting free lunch because his family was poor. He didn’t buy it. He quoted to me, many times, “there’s no free lunches”. (I’m sure Big Wrek told him that.)

Then there was the time some kids lunch money was missing. Shane was blamed, of course. Son-of-a-wrek confessed. He never stole money. He just didn’t want his friend to have to go see the principal, alone. They had to pull out their pockets out. Some how Shane’s jeans slipped and he noticed he had no underwear on.
I was called to the school. It was determined neither boy was guilty.
Son-of-a-wrek got on his soapbox on the way home from school. He was mortified for Shane. He said we HAD buy him some underwear. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
So…being a pushover I did it.

We put Shane’s name on the sack and stuck them in his mailbox.

The next day Shane thanked Son. Son asked him wasn’t it more comfortable to have underwear under his jeans.
Shane told him, “I don’t know, my Mom took them back to the store and got cash”

Son-of-a-wrek was disheartened. He never wanted to do that kinda thing again.
He still champions the underdog. That’s why he likes the Razorbacks. :smirk:

I like that kid. And his son.

I definitely like that kid. Seems like there was also some good parenting involved.

He’s a good guy. He has a kid like bent. He finds the weirdest things funny.
All children and dogs love him.

I always trust kids and dogs opinions on people.

My heart HURTS for the boy having a parent so desperate she feels justified in stealing her son’s brand new undies to return for cash.

I’m brutal and jaded enough to believe the undie-money went in her arm or up her nose.

Note to other guardian angels who are conpelled to help: mark the undies themselves with the recipients name.

And please don’t put anything in a mailbox except USMail. That’s a Federal offense, and the Feds can get even nastier than a mother who kypes her kid’s new drawers.

Some people are just plain evil.


Slight hijack: Some idiot (I’m pretty sure it’s the fool next door) has been plastering “F**k Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” stickers all over the neighborhood mail boxes. I SO want to see the Postal Cops haul this fool away in cuffs to Federal Pound-In-The-Ass prison.

Wow. That seems an awful name, even for a federal lockup🤗

We had an unknown Trump sticker guy. All mail boxes were fair game.

When they started putting them on road marking signs and stop signs the state got involved and caught the guy. He had his teen kids doing it as well.
What a dummy.

It’s a reference to the movie “Office Space”.

You need a briefcase to carry all your conspiracy theory notes, right?