"Bad" Breakfast v. No Breakfast

What’s better for your body: eating a “bad” breakfast (say two donuts and some milk) or nothing at all?

I don’t have a cite, but I ALWAYS feel better, more “put together” throughout the morning if I’ve eaten something for breakfast.

That’s includes anything from cold ceral to pancake-wrapped sausages on a stick; a personal favorite.

If I don’t eat breakfast, not only does my morning tea upset my stomach, but I feel “out of it” until lunch time. It’s harder to concentrate…

cereals are the best for breakfast along with some orange juice (of course don’t drink orange juice and milk).

Fruits do it as well…

What’s wrong with orange juice and milk?

Supposedly, mixing citrus and dairy will cause nausea. It does for me, although not severe enough convince me to stop having a glass of OJ along with my cereal and coffee with milk.

According to what my teachers in high school told me, it’s the mixture of lactic acid and citric acid that upsets your stomach.

I’ve heard that if you’re going to eat something “bad,” your best bet is to do it in the morning when you have all day to burn it off.

So the question is, what’s for dinner? :smiley:

FTR, I love doughnuts and milk but they totally stuff me and then an hour later I’m starving. Same thing with most cereals. sigh It doesn’t stop me, though.

It just irritates me.

Coincidentally enough, I just had two doughnuts and milk for breakfast this morning, instead of my usual cereal. I have, on occasion, skipped breakfast. I’ll tell you, I feel better with those two doughnuts and milk than I ever do skipping breakfast.

Have you ever tried mixing orange juice and milk? Try it; it looks pretty nasty after a couple of minutes as the milk curdles. I don’t make an effort to watch this very often, though, since, well, I’ll take them together.

I drink milk and orange juice at the same time all the time. So the acid in the OJ makes the milk curdle? So what? What do you think happens to the milk in your stomach anyway? You think you have a refrigerated stomach which keeps food intact for days? Your stomacj juices are far stronger than the OJ. It’s called “digestion” and it’s a good thing.

I think there’s probably a fair amount of variation from person to person on this. Unlike Balthisar above, I do much better just skipping breakfast than having a ‘bad’ breakfast. When I don’t have anything, I think my metabolism just stays in low gear. But if I have something like doughnuts and coffee, I have a major blood-sugar crash a few hours later. Still, I would agree that a good breakfast is always preferable to either of the other choices!

Gee, sailor, I said I drink them together, so it’s obvious that knowing what happens in my stomach doesn’t bother me. I just don’t want to see it in a bowl in front of me, any more than I want to see a cattle slaughter house before having a juicy, rare steak.