Bad News Baboon's Crush-O-Rama

inspired bypezpunk’s thread

finally there is help for all you loveless crush-ees and needy crush-ers!

Submit your name here!
Using secret techniques known only to me, I will assign you a crush-ee.

or perhaps maybe you will be the object of affection?
how many crush-ees will you have?

who knows?

Only the Baboon knows for sure.

in addition, you will receive a small tidbit forecasting your future.
Use it wisely.

Bad News Baboon’s magic typewriter went awry on that one. read:
I will assign you a crush-er.
damn cheap typewriters. They don’t make 'em like they used to!

Since I’m on record in one of the other multitudinous crush threads as being crushationally challenged, I may as well make it official. Fix me up. I need new cyber chrush-ee, and perhaps even a crush-or.

You mean “Eeny meeny miney mo”?

Ok, I submit myself - cuate. Quien sea mi media naranja??

Hook me up, BNB- I’ve already got a crush, but I should find a distraction before she files a restraining order. :smiley:

Humm - I think I need a crush, SVP. No one’s flirted with me since I’ve been back from the crash…

Pff. You didn’t read scott evil’s original crush thread. galen ubal and I were practically fighting over you.

What the hell, throw me into the mix too. I’m sure the wife won’t mind. [sub] As long as she doesn’t find out… [/sub] :wink:

Hey, I’ll have a crush on you, bernse. Now, hows about fixing me up, Baboony Baby?

Outside of Zoe, Tina, my mom, and you, nice moneky lady, I don’t know how many more women I can be head over heels in love with.

But, give’r a whirl

Yay! Someone has a crush on me!

Thanks Bad News, you’re a miracle worker!

I’m only doing this 'cause I want to know my future.

This had BETTER not take away from your stalking time because I am telling your right now that you are one step away from being in the stalker unemployment line!

[sub] good for nothing slacker! [/sub]

Since I’m not on many crush lists anymore (yeah, I know, if I got around here so people would SEE more once in awhile again, I would be), I’ll sign up!

Hell, why not? Nobody’s ever had a crush on me; I seem to give off anti-pheromones. :slight_smile:

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Hey, your royal Baboonness, when are you coming around to assign us all our crushors and crushees?

You’ve never seen mine. :wink:

Hey, hey, hey! You’ve always been on mine, and what’s more, you know this to be true. Plus, it was recently reaffirmed in scott evil’s crush thread. What, I’m not enough for you? You want more crushers? ;):smiley:

I want a crushee…it’s been a while since I had a serious crush.

I promise to search out posts by my crushee every time I log on. I will take this duty seriously, although my crush may fade in the future.
Tell me, o crush master, who may I stalk?