Bad News Baboon's Crush-O-Rama

Hmmm. I suppose the oracle is telling me to continue not going to movie theaters?

waits for an offer of popcorn

Bad News, how’s Celtic Cowboy going to have a pair of extra pants ready on April 4, 2002? Does your Oracle have a time-machine feature too?

Oh, put me in Round 2 too.

alice_in_wonderland: Grape. Grape Crush. How soon we forget the drinks of our youth.

Ohh, Bad News…

Tonight I think I’ll drive over to Chico’s…with four in-town locations the sole inconvenience is choosing which one of the close (for me) locations to head to.

How many Chico’s do have have over in…oh I forgot - its only in El Paso. Hmmm

First, I’ll have the single of tacos. Crisp, yet with the right amount of tepid tomato sauce…it becomes mouth-meltable. The mountainous heap of sun-yellow cheese makes it beyond meltable…(sigh)…

Now, sould I ask for one cuplette of chile verde or two? Ahh, it’s Sunday- I’ll ask Victor for three! Gracias carnal!

Next the Hot Dog. Tender hot pink frankfurter in an amply toasted hamburger bun…topped with chilli con carne and just the right amount of cebolla…hmmmmm

Oh and with the coke, not even 4 whole bucks. Quiet now…someone put Selena’s Astrodome Medley on the jukebox…show some respect!
Now what does your omniscient oracle think of that ** Bad News Baboon **?

how ignorant of you to assume 2002.

Fine, I will devulge a bit more Celtic Cowboy future.

An indentical twin will approach you in July. You will form a partnership in an exlicar company called “Death-B-Gone”.

the oracle hates you with a passion.
He also says to tell Heriberto hello.

Fine, I will devulge a bit more of ** Celtic Cowboy**'s future.

damn magic keyboards. They just dont make 'em like they used to!

I love all My children, iconoplast. :wink:


Hey, don’t worry, we’ll teach you Canadian! It’s easy, promise!

But I have to suggest that we have the orgy in Vancouver, it’s much more temperate than Toronto.

Oh, and featherlou, I am now going to set about stalking you. You better hope you’ve written something interesting in the last few months! :smiley: To the search engine I go!

Originally posted by featherlou (in another thread)

pompous, overbred, undermannered tightass!? I am in love!

And defending Canadians? Rowr.

And a fellow former Saskatchewanite, to boot? Sigh.

This is the beginning of a long romance.

Now, Bad News Baboon - is there any chance of getting a crush-er as well, in the next round? Cause that would make my SDMB life complete. Especially if it was a guy this time (not that I’m not having fun at the all-girl orgy!)

Crush-ee, crusher, whatever! This sounds like fun!

I sure would like to be an object of affection, BBB!

Vancouver, a city north of Seattle, is the most temperate climate Canada has to offer? I guess we’ll just have to keep each other warm.

I’m going to enjoy crushing meyer, she [assuming this is a correct assumption here…] has a wonderful sense of the absurd.

And BTW, meyer, Action Figure Waverly has a male apparatus as well as a kung fu grip. Day one, and I have already made your SDMB life complete. I’m better at this than I thought. Off to the search engine…

Finddhut dhut Medhut dhut sombody to crush.

Finddhut dhut Medhut dhut sombody to crush.

Can Bad News Baboon find me, somebody toooooooo

and someone to crush me would be nice too

Oops, I’m falling behind in my stalkingImeancrushing duties…off to search Monsieur Bernsey.
(You liked that, Meyer? I got plenty of them! I’m always writing intelligent, pithy, thought-provoking stuff. No, really. Who’s giggling back there?)

Hmm… I guess I’ll have to actually drive the Lightnin’mobile on 5/17, eh? I’ve taken to riding the bike to work, but I’ll make the exception on that Friday.

Lessee… according to Iconoplast’s profile, she’s in Colorado. Yippee! I love Colorado. According to her webpage, she’s still trying to quit smoking. Hmm… I detest smoking. Maybe she’ll stop for me. The pierced tongue and bellybutton thing, yes, I li…

Oh! Wait. SHE’S supposed to be stalking ME! Sorry, my bad. Boy is my face red.

Dammit. Now ya tell me to have extra pants that day. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

I’m way too lazy to actually stalk you. Can I just lust after you from a distance? Unless you’re willing to put one of those mini-fridges stocked with beer outside your window. In that case, I could probably be persuaded to sit in the bushes and sneak peeks through the window blinds.

Soooo… is it even possible to have 2 people stalk eachother?

Calgary isn’t that far away…

Every breath you take, every move you make I’ll be watching you, Featherlou…

Hey! It even rhymes!



my prior post:

Originally posted by Duke
Bad News, how’s Celtic Cowboy going to have a pair of extra pants ready on April 4, 2002? Does your Oracle have a time-machine feature too?

how ignorant of you to assume 2002.

Fine, I will devulge a bit more Celtic Cowboy future…

An indentical twin will approach you in July. You will form a partnership in an exlicar company called “Death-B-Gone”.

it’s 5002 that you need the extra pants.
the oracle appologizes for not being clear.

Sounds like fun, sign me up!

I’m going to still be alive in 5002 then?

~examines life~

Can I trade this fortune in? I want a better one. Maybe something like ‘Tori Amos meets you and falls madly in love with you’. Yeah, I could go with that.

Hey, these things take time if you’re gonna do 'em right. Now let’s see…

Pros:[ul][li]has and loves dogs[/li][li]likes campy movies[/li][li]geeky <drool>[/li][li]likes horror films[/li][li]likes sci fi[/li][li]a gamer[/li][li]likes smart women[/li][li]likes women in glasses (hey, I don’t always wear my contacts, and my glasses are so 50’s chic)[/li][li]likes women who dress up for RenFests/RenFaires[/li][li]likes good spelling and grammar[/li][li]likes drum circles[/li][li]likes Futurama[/li][li]likes cider[/li][li]has insomnia sometimes (come on, we could not sleep together!)[/li][li]likes thunderstorms[/li][li]enjoys massages, especially head massages[/li][li]loves the chocolate/peanut butter combo[/li][li]drug free[/li][li]absurd[/li][li]reads Discworld[/li][li]would wear a kilt[/li][li]loves sushi[/li][li]loves redheads – I got that one down, no problem. (And for reference, what I used to look like, when I let my hair go too long without dye.)[/li][li]intelligent[/li][li]overanalyzes movies[/li][li]hates celery[/li][li]plays UT[/li][li]likes Colorado[/li][li]shaves… er… there. :eek: :D[/li][li]wants to backpack Europe[/li][/ul]
Cons:[ul][li]lives in Texas[/li][li]hates coffee :([/li][li]likes V8[/li][li]likes diet soda[/li][li]likes pulp in orange juice[/li][/ul]
Neutral:[ul][li]sleeps in undies[/li][li]afraid of spiders[/li][li]likes cider[/li][li]has beads hanging from the rearview mirror[/li][li]dislikes current work management[/li][li]reads lying down[/li][li]hates X-Cam[/li][/ul]
Looks to me like we have a winner. :smiley: So, Lightnin’, how you doin’?
[sub]And for the record, at least I’m trying to quit smoking! That counts![/sub]