Bad Pun Needed!

How’s that for a thread title designed to get views?

A pal of mine, in my roto league, has his team named:

Urben Warfare

His last name is Urben.

So he feels that recent events (both past and apparently upcoming) make the name less than appropriate.

So he needs a new team name. It has to be a pun playing on his name, Urben.

Can anyone help a doper-pal here?

Urben Renewal?

I got it! The Urben Legends!

This will be a short thread. Can’t top that!

Urben Sprawl




Keep going now…keep working!

I knew I could count on you people!

::Kicks dirt blushingly::

Aw, thanks, TroubleAgain

Right, I’m here and I’m bad; what do you want?

Oh . . .a pun on “Urben”. Hmm.

Urben, Puns on: see Superdude, Writings of.

If memory serves, there was a Pope Urban. Probably too high-and-inside for a good pun, though.

Depends on how bad his team is… Urben Blight

They could be Sub-Urben


Fighting what since when?

If this is a baseball league, I recommend the Urben Shockers.

I’m guessing this is baseball or softball. Too bad. For basketball, soccer, volleyball, or tennis they could be Where’s Frankie?.

“Where’s Frankie?”
“Yeah, we already have a net.
Ha! I crack me up!
-Rue. (who really did get an office volleyball team named this.)

Urben Decay

I don’t know what a roto league is. Does that make me dumb?

Anyway, I really think Urben Legends is top-notch.

Here are a couple of others:
The Urben Jungle
Urben Outfitters (ha!)

How about Urben Cheese dip? (Herb and cheese dip)
Well, you request bad puns. :wink:

Another vote for Urben Legends.

How about the “T-Urbens”

or maybe the “Dist-Urbens”

How about “Ur-Bend”, where “ur-” denotes

‘primitive, original, earliest’,

and “bend” is

“An organized company of men; = BAND n.3; a party, a faction; a gang.” (OED)?

So the result is “the original band of men”. Wonderful as long as there are no women involved.

for the deja vu vote:

“Ur…ben here before haven’t we?”

By the way, are you going to let us know which was selected?