BADFest - 5/10/02?

Hey kids, I’ve been talking to some BADs (San Fran Bay Area Dopers)(Slackergirl) and it seems that Friday the 10th would be a good day to have a BADFest. What do you say?

I’ve been wanting to meet some new BADs for a while, why not now?

So, just to throw something out there, since we’ve met there a bunch of times, how about the Embarcadero El Torito on the 10th of May at, say, around 7 or 8 PM?

I vote for Saturday.

Off to MPSIMS.

There’s an El Torito on Embarcadero? ::scratching head::

(Saturday’s better for me too.)

I’m there.

But, I’m getting tired of waiting. (Groan.) So I’m going home now, but I’ll be back on whatever day you guys decide. Friday and Saturday work equally well for me, this far in advance.

Drachillix and Cyn might be able to make an appearance depending on schedules. Its a lil drive from Fresno but I will see what I can do.

Saturday sounds good…

No seriously, are you talking about San Francisco or someplace else? Because I am not aware of an El Torito on Embarcadero. (That doesn’t mean there isn’t one, I don’t live there anymore so they didn’t consult me about it. :wink: )

By the way…fine handmade soaps make great mothers day gifts if anyone still needs one and you’ll save shipping if I hand deliver it to you. ::stares pointedly at “www” button::

Holy cow! This didn’t even occur to me. I’m sending you an email right now. When is mother’s day anyway? Crap!

I’m in.

I think the Chevy’s in question is in one of the Embarcadero buildings, just a block north of Market in the city. Very bart-able.

And, Miss Vixen, I may want to purchase some soy candles, if you feel like transporting them.

Love to go, although I’m a confirmed pedestrian. Anyone going through Marin who could give me a ride? I’ll pay the bridge toll.

Ah, so the El Torito on Embarcadero is in fact Chevy’s? Gotcha! :wink:

Slackergirl: bring it on!

Demo, I notice you’ve yet to return to the thread…will Saturday not work for you?

Sorry guys, I’ll be in DC that weekend. But have a great time without me!

I think that can be arranged. I’m coming from Petaluma. Drop me an email sometime, it’s in the profile.

Alas, I no longer live in CA, otherwise I’d make it.
Ah well, have fun.

We’re ABSOLUTELY not going to be there :smiley:

okay, i just moved to San Fran two weeks ago, what is an El Torito on Embarcadero?

I also vote for saturday, we both work and are both off saturday…

Ya know? I think I can make this one. Either Friday or Saturday; I have no plans for that weekend.

Tars! Whereabouts in the city are you? Do you know where Embarcadero Center is? (It’s a 5 building bank of swanky shops and offices in the financial district.) I think we’ve decided that by El Toritos, Demo meant Chevy’s, which is a mexican chain restaurant we usually end up at merely because it’s easy to get to, has vegetarian food for those who need it, and margaritas as big as your torso. It’s accessable by BART and several MUNI lines (I’m thinking the 1, 2, 3, 4, 38 and the Embarcadero streetcar, possibly more.) After we exhaust the Chevy’s, we usually amble over to Harrington’s, a cute little Irish Pub a couple doors down, for further imbibing and hobknobbing.