What is up BADs! 05/11/02 in tha house!

At the behest of the eminently persuasive voguevixen, I am taking the initiative to start this thread to confirm and draw attention to this thread, which unfortunately is saddled with an obsolete thread title.

The Fest is planned for Saturday, May 11th at sometime in the vicinity of 7:30 PM. Tentative locale is Buca Di Beppo, which is located at 855 Howard Street in San Francisco, and appears to be situated 2 blocks south of Market, between 4th and 5th streets. Here’s a map.

From what I can tell, it looks to be convenient from BART, which is what I’ll be doing. Anyone want to meet up at the Powell station? This may not be ideal, as BART will likely be crowded from the KFOG “Kaboom” event going on, which starts at 4 PM and is planned to continue through 9:30 PM when the fireworks display will begin at Piers 30-32. They have issued the statement that they will be fielding extra trains to handle the load.
So hopefully, this thread will clarify things, and perhaps pull in a few more BADs that had passed over the first thread! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

[sub]Shout outs to Demo for getting this puppy started, zzyzyva for coming up with the venue, Tars Tarkas for moving out here to the Best Coast just to make this gathering, voguevixen for whipping us all into shape, and for her awesome soaps (don’t forget Mother’s Day!), and Snooooopy for shaving his head like a true playa.[/sub]

Just a reminder that the place recommends reservations for a large group, so i’d like to have a basic head count within the next day or two.

Count my head!

My White Lightning in shining armor! I’ll meet you at the Powell street station if you want. How 'bout the entrance in front of Old Navy around 7:15ish? Looks like it’s a straight shot down 4th St from there.

PS, to anyone who missed the dregs of the other thread, we decided the Embarcadero would be a bit of a zoo because of the KFOG happening so we moved ours inland a bit.

And thanks to zzyzyva for coming up with someplace other than his dreaded Chevy’s. (I swear I don’t pick that to get your goat, it’s just that it’s been a while since I’ve lived in the city and don’t know what’s still around suitable for large groups.)

Count two more heads for psycat and I.

Count me in - I’ve been dying to go to BdB for ages! I’ll report back about the man accompanying me.


Well, I work til 9:30 that night.

I’ll try to show up at some point, but it’s quite likely that you’ll all be gone by then.

Demo- I may be needing your cell # again, if s’OK. jjtm@perfectmail.com

Funny story- yesterday on AIM, I IMed “Democritus” to find out what’s going on… He asked “Who is this?”
I’m thinking, “Man, I know I haven’t talked to him for a while but jeez, am I really that forgettable?” I coulda sworn I saw his name on this thread.
I ask him about the Dopefest and it finally dawns on me that I should ask if he’s the “Straight Dope Demo.” He wasn’t. I made sure to provide a link to the SD so’s not to get reported for being in some kind of drug ring meeting in San Francisco this weekend. That little number on the end is one sneaky little bastard.

HAHA! My AIM is Democritus90 :smiley:

Cell number has been sent.

Drachillix and Cyn will be there!!!

I’ll be there, assuming i don’t get lost and end up on the bus to Milwakee. Which has only happened twice, but was still pretty annoying.

Well, I’ll be in the City that day, so that’ll be the closest I’ve come so far to actually attending one of these. Maybe some day. <sigh>

Have fun, though! :slight_smile:

I’ll be there, my homies.


LOL - The Geary bus should take you pretty durn close. Get off at either Powell or Market Street and if you want you can meet WL and me at the BART station in front of the Old Navy (At Market and 4th). I’ll probably be wearing my gaudy fake leopardskin coat again.

Oh hell. I forgot it’s the midst of prom season. I called Buca and they said the earliest they’d be able to seat a party of more than 12 would be 10pm. I figured that’s a little too late. So it looks like it’s back to Chevy’s. I’ll just make sure to eat something beforehand.

How about one of the Max’s restaurants?

Update, please

Chevy’s is okay for Drachillix and myself, although I could wear a prom dress and try to pass myself off as a very mature 18…I like Italian.

I could wear a prom dress, too.

Max’s is definitely better than Chevy’s. That’d be easy enough.

Address of Max’s, please.

Whatever it is, you’d better decide quick. I’m sure not everyone checks this thread every day.