Bald heads and pubic mounds.

Alrighty then. here’s your Ewok.
Glad to oblige. :slight_smile:

Note: Link NSFW.

You may want to label that nsfw lest someone click on the link while in the wrong company.

Yup – when in doubt, mangeorge, pls. err on the side of caution. Putting a link in a spoiler box suffices to comply with the two-click rule for NSFW links.


twickster, MPSIMS moderator

:: prefers a nice natural bush ::

I have wondered for a while where the cultural impetus comes from to shave the mound. It’s not the sort of thing that’s on public display, or that a perhaps-soon-to-be lover can inquire about; by the time you find out, you’re already well into the relationship. So “I have to look good when I’m out searching” isn’t driving it, as it might with sleeveless tops and exposed underarms.

Not a problem. I’ll go see how to do that. I sometimes don’t realize that some are offended by things that seem completely inoffensive to me. I should have hesitated a moment longer.

It’s not a matter of offense! Members can get busted at work or otherwise embarrassed opening links like that, no matter how clinical you may dub them.

Clinical? I think the point is that someone at work may be offended.
I forgive you for your nasty retort, even though it was uncalled for and the problem is over.

That was not nasty, and you’ve missed the point. I agree that it is over.

I had no idea male pattern baldness was a problem ewoks faced. Poor little things.

I would have thought mange would be a bigger problem among Ewoks.
I’ll continue to shave my head until I’m old enough that white hair looks appropriate. As for the rest, I prefer the occasional topiary as opposed to clear-cutting. For myself, that is. Females can clear-cut and I’ll like it.

I myself PREFER pubes on a woman, cuz, well, she’s a WOMAN.

Bald, shaved, trimmed, or natural; I prefer subtitles to dubbing.


There’s plenty of porn out there featuring pubes. If you’re into that.

Well, old mangeorge here thought that image was pretty, uh, clinical (if that’s the word) and not at all stimulating.

Oh, you’re referring to the whore-cut jeans.

What a whorable thing to say!

When I was in my twenties I knew a girl who had a pair of jeans whose zipper went all the way from the front waistband, under the nasty bits, and then to the rear waistband. Yep, when unzipped all the way you wound up with two seperate halves.
I can hardly type just thinking about it. :slight_smile:
I wonder if I can find such a thing on the internet. The jeans, not the girl.

Here are 4 pages worth

Google “zip around jeans”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! :smiley:
I’d almost forgotten that women used to have hips. And actual legs!