Bald heads and pubic mounds.

Not they’re connected in any way ('cept maybe fashion), but I find myself becoming jaded by overexposure to both.
mangeorge, who loves the female body (and intellect). :wink:

I agree the bald/shaved head is overexposed, not sure about bald mounds…

I call secret bragging on the second item!

Ha ha, very funny. But the pubic mounds referred to are indeed bald. My (adult now) granddaughter tells me that girls start shaving their “bikini area” at about the same time as their legs. Twelve years old!
Pubic mounds, under arms, what’s the difference, eh. :wink:
Guess I’m an old (66) fuddy-duddy.

Well, being ignorant of the term “secret bragging”, I looked for an explanation. Wiki? No. Urban dictionary? No. Google? Some game references.
So its up to you to enlightenm me. Or maybe another poster.
Now “bastard” I know, and its not nice. :dubious:

It means you have found a devious way to to brag about how much, or how often, or how many, bald mounds you are exposed to.
Like saying " I had a horrible day when my Lamborghini blew a tire and I had to get it towed".
And the bastard part was just my way of saying your a lucky dog.

That would apply only if everyone in town were free to drive my Lamborghini. The pubes are out there for all to see in my staid little town. That’s the source of my semi-ennui. Over exposure.
I prefer some mystery and surprise. Or maybe its just my meds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s a complainabrag, like, “With these gas prices, I’ve had to leave my 911 Turbo at home more often than not.”

Thanks. dawson already educated me.

Huh? Explain, please.

Yes. Where is this Utopia that you speak of? I need to plan my next vacation.

Berkeley, apparently. I am now looking for an apartment there.

When I was in San Francisco last year, I didn’t see a whole lot of bottomless women running around.

Your location being a Big Secret, I have no idea where you’re posting from. But here in Berkeley we have have generally mild weather. Also it’s a college town.
That means quite a lot of young women wearing low-cut pants and such. I exaggerate only slightly about the “pubic mound” exposure.
Hold your breath;

Not bottomless, but close. More like midriffless.

As with so many controversial entities, the bush has had its history rewritten to current norms. Although in reality it flourished from time immemorial well into the 1990s, it is portrayed today as a “70s thing,” possibly by misinformed individuals who see an aesthetic kinship to shag carpeting.

I assume that most of you understand that the pubic mound includes, but is not limited to, the labia.
I hesitate to include a picture that I found on wikipedia.

Then, just to be SFW, how about a picture of an Ewok with his lips pursed?

Well, she may have been using “bikini area” as a euphemism for the pubes, but IME, there’s a difference. Bikini area usually means “areas that would be showing when you are wearing a bikini”, like the leg-pits or the very outer edge of the triangle. It’s the area you want to shave to make sure you don’t have hairs sticking out of your bathing suit.

I guess the polite term for the other would be “pubic area”, though most women I know will talk more about shaving their pubes/cooter/cootchie/pussy/etc.

You owe me a new keyboard! :smiley:

We were talking about the area revealed by then newly popular low cut jeans. I was surprised that parents would allow something so skimpy. Skimpier than most bikinis. Definately below the beginning of the mound.
This was casual conversation, not a lot of detail.
BTW; I prefer the term “pussy”, and so has every woman I’ve “known”. So warm, and friendly. :wink: