BAN the MR. BEAUTY contest

We need to band together and boycott the mr. beauty contest. it is degrading to men.
if you want to show support, vote for me in the contest, or sport a sig like mine!

Ban the Mr. beauty contest!

What a sore loser. You little baby. Stop whining.

I like that sig, check it,
it has changed.:smiley:

You’ll have your change next year.:slight_smile:

okay, okay, since you’re so nice about it I will call of the boycott. and that sig doesn’t look familiar. :slight_smile:
but I am certainly not voting for monster!

Thank you , thank you,
what a relife.
I wish I could sneak you in,
but I think I’ll get some protest then.:slight_smile:

especially since most of you have not seen me…
zyada, are there pics???

Let it go man!!!

Accept it and move on.

Maybe your new sig can read : “Official protestor of the Mr Beauty Contest”

Hey, I demand a Mister Uglycontest! Then we’d have a contest I could actually win.

I second the demand for a Mister Ugly contest! (Because I’m eyeing the other candidates nervously and expecting a poor showing. Might as well work both sides of the street.)

Actully I know for a fact there is a contest for the sexiest geek. (Not only does he get picked by looks but he must be able to do computer stuff etc… the stuff he does on the computer is the ones that count more if I recall correctly)

A Mister Ugly contest? Hmmm, sounds like something I could finally win! Or if you won, would you actually lose? Or vise-versa…wow, now I’m really confused.
I’m not starting it, though. People could have their feelings hurt, and that’s not cool.