Barbara and John

De Angelis and Gray, that is.

Has anyone ever read their stuff?

I confess I have not.

Here is my question:

They have both written a series of books on relationships.

What could they possibly say in the subsequent ones that they could not cover in the first?

Were the other books simply repackage versions of the original with the titles changed (as some best-selling authors are wont to do)?

I do enjoy their infommercials, though. :smiley:

I haven’t read anything by Dr. DeAngelis, but I believe she should be asking US for some advice. She’s been divorced something like 5 times…

I agree, Mjoll. Gray, especially, seems like a one-trick pony. Men and women talk differently. There, I said it. Give me a pile of money. No? Well then I’ll just keep writing books until you do!

I guess I can’t really blame the guy. We keep buying the books. But I think they are a lot like diet books. We don’t buy them because we’re going to read them and follow their advice. It’s just a way to say you’re working on the problem. And since you aren’t really working on it a second book is just as valuable as the first.

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Hmmm… I thought this thread was about my parents. That’s their names. Barbara and John.