Barbecue Bat-Dope: Let's Dopefest Austin Style

Am I the only one who doesn’t see a post here?

Hmmm, well, Bally, I guess we could have our own BatFest.


I saw another OP-less thread by tatertot earlier today.

Anyway, when’s it happening? I’m a possible.

Another Bat Fest sounds good to me, especially one with BBQ. I love good BBQ.

Unfortunately, this will probably be my last Bat Fest, as I’m about to move out of state, so let’s make it good! :smiley:

Okay, Lucki, what’s the word on this?

I’m in. Finally. :wink:

  1. I have a car.
  2. I’m back in San Antonio

See y’all!


Sounds good to me, I have Saturday evenings available due to “class” :slight_smile: So, Saturdays sound good to me. What are some good barbecue places? Do we want something in town, or are we going to stretch for the Salt Lick? That’s a nice place, but it leaves us kinda stranded for things to do afterwards. Of course, with unlimited plates of babecued meat, would we really have time or physical abililty to do anything afterwards? Hmmmm…

But, that’s just a suggestion.

Well, I’m ne’er one to turn down good barbecue- and we’ve certainly got plenty of that 'round these parts.

Salt Lick is my favorite for just goin’ and eatin’- but like the Crimson King says, there’s not much to do out there once you finish eating. However, I’ve never wanted to do anything once I’ve finished eating out there- it’s all I can do to set the cruise control on the truck to drive my sated self back home. I know that some of us really like prime rib- they’ve got that on Sundays, out there, so if we’re going there, I recommend that day.

It’s a good ways out there, especially for those of us who live north. I think from Pflugerville, it’s a good nine-hour drive. I may be exaggerating, though. :slight_smile:

Barring that, there’s always Iron Works, Rudy’s, County Line, Green Mesquite, Stubbs, and even (if you feel you must) Pok-E-Joe’s.

And as for those of us with just a bicycle…
Anyway, I’m in. I’ll start fasting today in preparation, so let’s make it soon guys (plus I’m away in about two weeks time). Anyone want to talk about an actual date?

:slight_smile: Count me in! I love BBQ, and bats, and all the great folks up in Austin. looking at a calendar Hmmm… Let’s see… this weekend is out, except for possibly Sunday afternoon/evening. And Easter weekend is out as well, for me. Plus, there is a Housewarming party on the 30th up in the DFW area. The following weekend Sat would be out for me as well. I’m chair of our neighborhood annual yard sale, so I sorta have to be there. :wink:

But, those are my commitments. Any other suggestions as to a date? I’ll do my best to come if I can.

Re-reading that, perhaps I wasn’t very clear on what dates might work for me. This Sunday, Mar 24th, if it’s afternoon or so. And possibly Easter Sunday, though that’s really a stretch because of family commitments I’m sure to have. Sunday April 7th would work, but that might be too late for Tapioca. And Tapioca, now that I know where you live, I’d be willing to pick you up on my way in, if need be.

Anyone else have any input? And Ringo, I’d love to see you again, of course. Always a pleasure. Would any of the Sundays work for you, or are only Saturdays possible? Has anyone thought about a Friday evening? I might perchance be able to do that.

With upcoming tests and papers, I can’t swear to anything just yet, but I would definitely enjoy a BBQ Dopefest.

Freyr, where are you moving?

Anyone have anything against the 24th?

It’s perfect for me. And it’s only 25 miles out there(just had to check it out today). Going back gonna feel more like 2500 with all that meat inside.

Now, if only a friendly Doper with a truck was heading North after devouring his half cow.
Oh, and Purplebear , how was the tea?

Hmm, if anyone’s seen an OP lying around on the floor somewhere, or maybe I left in the copier or something… well anyway I lost one and if you’ve found it please give it back.

In other news, this Sunday will be simply impossible for me. Massive research paper due Monday = loading up on barbecue Sunday afternoon/night not a possibility.

Maybe next Saturday? Sundays in general are a bad day for me, that’s when my family tends to be around and I am more or less obligated to spend that time with them. Not that that’s a bad thing, just it’s an obstacle in getting my dopefest on.


How does Friday the 29th sound to you guys? That would be an excellent day for me, but I can certainly work around other people’s schedules.

I just want to be sure I can make it- proposing a dopefest and then not showing up turned out badly for me before… holy crap, that was almost exactly a year ago.

For those not in the know, about a year ago I proposed an Austin dopefest, failed to show and about 2 days later fell asleep at the wheel of my car, amazingly enough not dying. There was a thread about it around here somewhere, but I’m not in the mood to search.

That messed me up BAD- not so much physically as mentally (on the other hand I remember just how bruised my left arm and stomach were). For months afterward I couldn’t sleep easily because when I was right on the edge of sleep or had been asleep for a minute I would bolt upright, terrified that I had fallen asleep at the wheel. The despair/terror would actually get WORSE for a second as I realized that I actually had been asleep, but before I realized I was home in bed. Sometimes I would actually hear my car crash in to something or hit someone walking on the street. That was some bad juju, and I have no intent of risking it again.

So umm, yeah! I’m coming, darn it!


Hmmm, the only weekend nights I know I’ll have available are Saturdays unless I can get about two week’s notice, so this Sunday isn’t all that hot for me. And, although I haven’t checked yet, my schedule for my evening job next week should already be posted, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be scheduled Friday and Sunday (they like to do that to me). So, like I said, Saturdays are best, plus it gives us Sunday to digest without that barbecue reflux effecting our co-workers (or is it just my touchy digestive system that does that after an evening full of massive amounts of meat?). If we want to hold off until next month, let’s just try and find a date soon so those of us with crappy jobs can request off in advance.

I’m pretty much okay for the next month or so. April 6-7 is out, because I’m gonna be in Chicago for ChiDope. (Note to self: don’t forget the dulce de leche M&Ms) April 26-28 is out because I’m going to Biloxi to keep a certain Airman’s spirits up. :wink: (Note to self: don’t forget the Red Flash) And May 15-18 is out.


The 29th or 30th is good for me. Will the DFW dopers hold it against us?

I’m good for pretty much any day, except for Friday nights. Oh, and this Sunday night. And the Monday after that.

Everything else is clear, though. :smiley:

Next Sunday is looking good.

Salt Lick (anyone need directions?)

How’s about a time?

I think anywhere between 2pm and 5pm. The Salt Lick can get pretty crowded around any other time on Sundays. We should probably still make a reservation.

Hmm… Prime Rib or Family Style… Family Style or Prime Rib…