Bastardo! The Rod Steiger Memorial Sequential Thread Titles

Found just now in this Forum:

Speed Seduction for the busy, busy man! – The Mullet gene.

The absolute without a doubt worst day of my life – Sesame Street to introduce HIV-positive Muppet

Announcement to world: I am now in charge – What should I label with my labelmaker?

Yeah, I wanna have sex, but… – I just got my Opalcat original!

Help, there’s a lesbian on my couch! – I gots a new baby snake!

Dogs barking at cartoon dogs – Astonishing coincidences in your life


  1. The absolute without a doubt worst day of my life
  2. Sesame Street to introduce HIV-positive Muppet


For those who don’t have kids and don’t want kids

the Lolita car wash


Yeah, I wanna have sex, but…
I don’t know how you guys treat newbies…

Also in MPSIMS:
Osama bin Laden’s new threat to the US
Return of the Care Bears

Now I’m afraid!

There seems to be One Thread In Particular that generates these so easily, e.g.,

Yeah, I wanna have sex but …
I’m going to New Zealand

Seems like a reasonable excuse.

Can’t pass this one up:


Where did Scott Evil go?
Code Pink in the ER today

I guess I must be a newbie, 'cause I don’t know what the FUCK you guys are talking about! (but I do miss Rod Steiger, quite the actor)…Timmy

Hi Tim R. Mortiss

Sometimes in the thread list for a given forum, two consecutive thread titles will seem amusing or funny or interesting if taken together. Every once in a while someone starts a thread in which you can post a funny examples you’ve noticed. We call these ‘Sequential thread titles’.

The game doesn’t really have anything to do with Rod Steiger, but I presume El Mariachi just thought it would be nice to dedicate this one to RS because he was a good actor and he died recently.


What would you like to learn today?

Where did Scott Evil go?

And also in MPSIMS:

Sunday Morning Puzzle #53— A Complicated Matter
Where did Scott Evil go?
Yeah, I wanna have sex, but…


May 5, 1945 - we shall remember
Vancouver DopeFest!

Gay Porn!!!
Ok, let’s discuss Pro Wrestling

I’ve dated! Please help me before I do it again.
Try my Neverwinter Night’s module

(and a triple)
I’m going to New Zealand!
Some People’s sick fantasy gets just a little closer to reality

General Questions:

Grrr… Somebody pls help me with this riddle!
Why do chefs wear tall hats?

Where did the term “Yankee” come from?
Fancy underpants for big men

Downloading more than one file
Why do humans take so long to defecate?

Potential TMI: girls who like boys on boys

What specifically is a "Fag Hag"?

Just now in MPSIMS…
I’m a blubbering idiot…

Just now in MPSIMS, a Quad! Comments in parentheses mine.

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever had with the law?
Help me find a place to live! (yep, sounds pretty bad)
Half-naked passed-out women in bars (Eh, a misdemeanor at best)
I’m a blubbering idiot… (no argument here)

Others in MPSIMS

I Found a Dollar on the Ground Today
Tales of good customer service.

So, British Columbia Dopers…
Do you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? (ummm…)

The Lady with the Bum
WHy can’t I like the nice, stable ones, dammit?
Yep, some good ones today.


I think both these came from the Pit

Guess what, I’m a Republican
You stupid bitch
And the stupid people award goes to…
Ronaldo, your hair resembles a woman’s crotch.

Just now, right in this forum:

Help Me Find a Place to Live!
Half-Naked Passed-Out Women in Bars

What Can Be Better Than All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast?
Minty-Fresh Toilet Bowls and Other Vaguely Inappropriate Products

I’m a blubbering idiot…
Do you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area?

Totally automated public rest room…What features would you like?

17’ of pay; no water contact