Batman vs....Alucard.

Y’know, I don’t think we’ve ever done this one. (Probably with for some good reason. :smack:)

Anyway, a matchup between Batman and…Alucard (or Arucard) of the anime Hellsing.*

I think Batman’s fought Vampires before—and killed them, clearly demonstrating an anti-undead bias.—but I don’t know if he’s faced one as overpowered as this one.

Of course, any way it goes, Alucard’s probably going to be happy for the challange. So, Batman against a crazy badass vampire god. Who WOULD win?

*That profile page is from an RPG stats site, but it seems to have a good overview of that character and his powers.

One bat-sunlamp coming up…

I’ve never seen the anime in question, but worst case scenario: Batman loses the fight and becomes a vampire. Then he comes back from the undead and pimp-slaps this “Alucard” so hard the letters in his name fall into a more familiar re-arrangement. Ecver hear of “Red Rain?”

His profile doesn’t make him sound that powerful (I’ve never seen the anime, either), at least not as far as the DCU is concerned. Looks like it’d be something of a stalemate just based on his healing abilities.

Does he have regular vampire weaknesses? If so, he’s probably toast. Batman dealt with vampires (albeit incredibly lame vampires) a while ago with the JLA.

Now, Alucard from the Castlevania games (which is what I thought this thread was about) might be a different story. He probably has a sword that does +2 against Batman.

A vampire with a gun? That’s kind of … weak.

I was thinking Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’s Alucard.

If he had the Crissaegrim and the Ring of Varda, he’d whip the crap out of Batman.

Folks, even if Batman gets his hands on a bunch of holy items necessary to even do any negligable amount of permanent damage to Alucard (otherwise he’ll just regenerate), then Alucard will just teleport around and snipe at Batman with his superhuman marksmanship and bizarre, anvil-like gun until he gets injured in some way, and then close in for the kill.

Or he’ll just become a shapeless mass of eyes and mouths and devour Batman.

There’s no contest here. Even if Batman’s prepared, there’s pretty much no way he can win this one. One reason I dislike Hellsing is that Alucard is far, far too powerful.

Any weaker than a demon with a gun?

Batmanwins, if only because “Alucard” is such a lame-ass name.

(Yeah, “Bat-Man” ain’t that hot either, but it beats “Enyaw Ecurb” any day of the week)

Awww. You ruined my Dracula v. Namtab idea for a thread.