Dr. Doom vs. Batman



As much of a Batman fan as I am, I have to say Dr. Doom would win. He know and employs magic. Batman would give a good fight but he would lose in the end.

I wish the old WIZARD boards were still up. I had fun with (almost) this exact same scenario a few geek years back. With Waid’s UNTHINKABLE storyline in FANTASTIC FOUR I could easily throw in a few more hitches I didn’t do before, and thanks to Batman’s NO MAN’S LAND I can tap into a few other bursts of inspiration.

Bottom line: Batman. Because he’s dealt with the supernatural before. Because Doom’s biggest liability is his ego.

Doom’s not terribly different from Ra’s Al Ghul, in that both have practically infinite researches, devoted minions, incredible planning and tactical ability, and access to both super-technology and magic. (Doom, of course, is more formidable one-on-one, but Ra’s in immortal).

Batman has beaten Ra’s on several occasions. Therefore Batman can beat Doom (or at least foil his schemes without directly fighting him).

Batman wins, because “good” always triumphs over “evil.” Despite what the crime rate in Latveria is. Or the poverty rate; life-expectancy rate; per capita income; infant mortality rates…

I forget, how many times has the Joker escaped from Arkham and murdered people, again?

Batman wins, but is immediately torn to shreds by the Good Doctor’s enraged subjects, because evil bastard though he was, he treated his subjects tolerably well.(at least as evil dictators go)

Doom ALWAYS loses.

I mean, Daredevil’s beaten him. How much does THAT suck?

Does either one of them have a 1920’s style “Death Ray?”