Bay Area Dopers - punk/alternative concert mini-dopefest?

Hey BADs,
I just found out about 2 upcoming shows at the Fillmore - the semi-legendary Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock’s late 70s-early 80s band, and the completely legendary Shane MacGowan. The Soft Boys show is April 7th, I think, and Shane is playing on the 13th and 14th. Both shows go on sale this Sunday (March 4th), and I’m going to each one (I don’t know which day for Shane yet). Let me know if anybody (Rasa? oldscratch? Snooooopy? Sue Duhnym?zyzz?) is interested in going to either show - maybe we can make a day of it. And if you want to go to Shane, let’s decide on the best day. Thank you for your patronage.

I can’t go to any shows that aren’t on Saturday or Sunday because of my unusual work schedule.

This Saturday, I am excited about seeing my favorite band, Superchunk, at the Noise Pop Festival. If you’re interested in that, then come on along with me!

Both shows are on Saturdays, Snooooop. I wouldn’t mind seeing Superchunk, but I’ll have to check my finances - 3 concert tickets in one week is a bit much. But I didn’t know Noise Pop was back again - who else is playing?

Ohhhh, right … I didn’t read your post completely. All those shows are in April. I was calculating the days of the week for March 7 and 13 and 14. Both of them sound interesting.

Noise Pop features a large array of bands in quite a few different locations. Superchunk is at Bimbo’s in the evening; I forget who else is going to be there.

Yeah, i’d be interested in both.

The 14th is better for me, but i’ll take either (esp. since Saturday is a work night for Rasa).

Love to go! I can do either or both, my parents are here to watch ToddlerNym on the 7th and I can get the nanny for the other.

Either day for MacGowan works for me.

Very cool. We’ll discuss details later. Where are Rasa and oldscratch?

I don’t know McGowan. I love Robin Hitchcock, but I’d rather see him, instead of his band. I think we may pass on this one.

OK, I e-mailed Demo and it looks like he’s going to the Soft Boys show now, too (just FTR, Robyn Hitchcock is playing with them, it’s not just the backing band - if you even have any idea of what I’m talking about you’ll probably want to go). I’m also getting tickets for both Shane MacGowan shows, so if Friday’s better for some of you and not others we can make plans for both nights. Let me know if anybody has any ideas for getting together before the shows - I’ll probably take April 13th off work, so I’m open. Be sure to get your tickets soon - I don’t know if the shows will sell out, but the Fillmore isn’t that big. And Snooooopy, it doesn’t look like I’ll make it to Superchunk - maybe you could tape it for me (Bimbo’s has a liberal policy about taping - I’ve taped shows there right in front of club employees, so I don’t think it’s a problem). I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Heeeeere’s Rasa…

I’m a tentative yes for the Shane MacGowan either day. Sundays are work days for me (heh, as of now, unless we close our doors for good before then) but it’s ok, they’re dead days and I can take calls in my sleep if I have to. :wink:

Anyone know what the price is?

Rasa, I haven’t been able to find any ticket prices, but I’m guessing somewhere in the area of $20 - that’s about the usual cost for Fillmore shows. Hope you can make it.

All right, goddammit, is anybody actually in on this thing? The only one I’ve really heard back from is Democritus. Ya buncha sloths. Tickets are actually in the $30 range for both shows.

I’m definitely in for MacGowan. I’ve never really heard the Soft Boys, so i’m not sure about that one. I like Robyn Hitchcock, and if enough other people were going i could be up for it. Let me know.

Still fuzzily saying I’m in for Shane myself… kinda strapped lately for cash, as my tires seem to like to go flat and stuff. But we’ll see. Keeping my eye on this thread…

I’m considering the Soft Boys.

OK, the Soft Boys are Saturday and SHane is next week - anybody actually wanna go? I know I haven’t been too good at keeping up with e-mail lately, but I’ve been busy as a squirrel. This is my last plea. Anybody?

Will y’alls be doing anything before or after the show? I’m not really interested in anything with, like, music or anything. I’ll meet for a drink or something, just to be out in the real world.

A large group could meet up before the show, and when the show rolled around, the large group could split into concertgoing and nonconcertgoing factions.

Yeah, i’m up for MacGowan. Haven’t bought a ticket tho. What day?

I’d be up for that…

(Pssst…April 10 is my birthday…how many drinks will that net me?)