Be's going to get better

I just want everyone to know that I’ve got a lot of funny, smart, sexy, flirty, horrifying, smart ass, bitchy and bizarre things to share. You’re just not bringing up the right subjects, and every question I come up with has already been asked.

I’ve only been here two months, and I’ve posted a lot of crap, but great God A’Mighty I swear, it’s only goin’ uphill from here. Just give me a minute, I’m gonna have something really really great.

SOMEHOW…Coldfire will notice me.


I usually don’t get all mushy-assed around here (snort), but rest-assured, Jarbaby, you are already one of my fave posters. You are without a doubt on the Top 25 list. Every time I opened the Pit for about a week, I laughed til I cried at the thread title: “EAT ME!”, and the story about the dude behind the counter was beautiful. I laughed like an idgit.

I was a little concerned at first that your name might be a reference to Jar Jar Binks, but now that I realize your extremely high cool quotient, I don’t care (but please tell me it’s not! Please!)

If you ever piss me off, though, all this is null and void. So be careful. :smiley:

But don’t put your money on Coldie. I mentioned him 4,782 times in the “Cute Posters” thread over in IMHO, and he has yet to respond (pages 1 and 4, to be exact). He’s made of steel. I even used “sexily” in two sentences! Sheesh!

Oh my god! I’m flushed and sweaty! Thanks for saying that. the KFC story is a standard in my repetoire, along with the ol’- Jarbaby’s sister steals her underpants tale. But I’m waiting for the perfect time to bring that up.

Oh good lord no. I had a dream in highschool that I had Brett Favre’s baby, and I was so ashamed of it that I kept it in a mayonnaise jar. It’s all very simple.

I love a challenge. Someday maybe I’ll make him angry enough to publicly punish me or something…growwwllll…