beatle redux (warning: self-indulgent)

A bit out of character for me, but WTF…

I’ve met a little over 30 of y’all by now who may know my (slightly less than mainstream) IRL name. Well, there’s now another one!

beatle, the nephew, touched down at my younger brother’s home at ~11:00 this morning. I heard about 11:20 and asked the obvious: arm, leg, ear and eye inventory. He’s spec. I completely forgot to get the weight and length (I presume he’s got some or my brother would have mentioned it). I realized my error as soon as I mentioned it to our exploration secretary (first thing she asked - I thought, “Why don’t you ask what his name is?”).


Same phone call brought news that my aunt had a heart attack this morning and is hospitalized (she’s in pretty good shape). Made for a weird phone call.

It’s an … unconventional name. But he’ll grow into it. Congrats to the whole family.

Your name always seems like it should be attached to a news anchor, folk singer, or presidential candidate. :slight_smile:

Sorry to stick my ignorant snout in, but could you please take a mo to explain what ‘redux’ means in this context? I don’t know, and my dictionary can’t help, and I’ve been puzzled by this for a while.

BTW, congrats on the new arrival.

From the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary:

Main Entry: re·dux
Pronunciation: (")rE-'d&ks, 'rE-"
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin, returning, from reducere to lead back
Date: 1873
: brought back – used postpositively

So I suppose I used it somewhat correctly (it’s not in my hardcover Webster’s New World Dictionary).

Hmmm…, missed my calling, eh 'Nerd? :wink: Perhaps I can just help guide the little beatle towards a good use of the name (Prez - I like that).

If he’s the newest beatle, does that make him Ringo?

Ba-da-Boom! :wink:

Thanks, Beatle, for the Merriam-Webster definition of ‘redux’. Now, if you could please extend your patience just one more time and tell me what you mean by “used postpositively”, I would be enlightenend and appreciative.

I have a pretty good working knowledge of grammar, but ‘postpositively’ is a new one to me.

Congrats, man! I didn’t even catch that tonight. You’ll have to give him the guidance on how to live with that name.

ianzin, I think what beatle was hinting at was the new guy is also “beatle” (or actually beatle’s real life name that is never mentioned). Thus the redux is beatle number 2. Make sense now?

I have no idea what “post-positively” is supposed to mean. After happily? Used to be upbeat, but now down? Once you’ve gotten over the optimism? :wink:

Oh, and beatle, sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope she gets better.