Beauty and the Geek, 15 June 2005

I love Mindi. I am so falling in love with Mindi. Beautiful, sweet and with some unnurtured brainy potential.

I want to raise a bunch of beautiful nerd children with her.

Yeah, it’s a shame she got shackled to Lewis Skolnick there. With more of “normal guy” partner, I think she’d do really well. As it is, I can see them getting eliminated pretty soon.

No, no, it is Scarlett with whom you should fall in love. She’s so hot that butter melt when she looks at it, she’s not dumb (and she doesn’t put on a dumb show like Lindsey or Erika), and she’s nice. Go Chuck!


I can be on board with that one, too! Those two are the good ones from the show.

I dunno about a girl who’d give a geek a pity spooning. Give her credit for brains as well as bimboness, though.

Loved the eliminated girl’s answers. “What is the closest star to the Earth?” “I have no idea … I’ll guess, the Sun?” That was the only one she got right.

I thought this show was going to suck, but it is turning out to be such a nice sweet show.

I like Chuck. And for the girls, Scarlett is pretty cool. I liked Caitilyn, but she had a bad attitude last night.

I’ll agree that it was an odd thing to do, but in fairness, I think she meant it in a sweet way. After all, the guy seemd hopelessly naive about the whole deal. Besides, there was very little actual contact between them when she demonstrated the whole thing. It’s not as though she started snuggling under the blanket with the guy, the way a certain bimbo did early on. (Right, Erica?)

She is also apparently so hot that I forgets how to conjugate verbs when I thinks about her.

–Cliffy, again

But that moron–was it Chuck? The med student, whoever he is–I wanted to slap him. The correct response when a sweet, smart, and beautiful Latina asks, “Have you ever had a Latin girlfriend?” is, oh, “No, but I would like to,” or “Yes, and I would like another,” or reaching over and kissing her or SOMETHING besides “Er…um…uh.” I’m surprised his nose didn’t start bleeding again.

“No but I had a girlfriend in Latin class. Boy could she decline! Actually she was the libarian, but I told all my online friends that she was a Canadian supermodel. Oh, no I’m blowing it again! Where’s my inhaler? <Darth Vaderesque inhale>”

I’d rather make a bunch of beautiful nerd children with her. But YMMV

For those who hypothesized that season 2 would be hunks and geek girls, no go, the request at the end of the show was for more hotties and geeks. Maybe if they get a bunch of geek girls and hunk guys, they’ll change their mind…

Good show last night.