Because there's no such thing as too much bacon...

…I bring you the Bacon and Cheese Roll.

That weaving technique has some far-reaching possibilities.

Oh my god, I felt my arteries go into convulsions when I saw that, and now I feel a little queasy. And I LOVE bacon, and cheese.

I saw this linked on a bacon thread in another messageboard I frequent.

My I introduce you to the bacon pig?

I love bacon, But i’m strangly attracted and repelled by that :eek:

Nice! I have since taken your link to the bacon brethren who brought the bacon cheese roll to my attention. Viral Bacon Barter is alive and well on the interwebs!

“my god, it’s full of fats”

I have a new filling for my Worst Thing You Can Eat;

Take one bacon cheese log, wrap in flour tortilla and deep fry for an amazing chimichanga of Death …I mean Porky Goodness. Serve with your choice of;

A) sausage gravy (ala biscuits and gravy)


B) Make it a chimichanga Suizo with plenty of melted Chihuahua cheese and guacamole.

Okay, I gotta ask: How many Chihuahuas does one have to milk to make 8 ounces of cheese? Do you have to muzzle them first? They’re grouchy, you know.

Between this thread and this thread, I know what I’m having to eat this weekend…

If you haven’t heard from me again by Monday, someone please call my cardiologist…

  1. Deep Fry.

Alternatively, there’s the chupaqueso.

Needs jalapenos.


Have you made it? If so, I have a few questions. Like how long do you put it in the oven for, initially and how long do you get the cheese to melt? Put it back in the oven, cook it on a low flame…?

Alas, I have not made it. It is a bit too much cheese for me. Cheese has a way of getting too greasy and heavy on my stomach really fast, but I luuuuurve it when it is in the right dosage. I tend to have more of a problem with melted cheese too. shrug

Now if you made a nice chop with fresh, ripe tomatoes and sprigs of fresh basil and wrapped that up in one of those woven placemats-o-bacon, and I’d be all over a nice fat slice of that.

I’m actually curious as to how the ‘mat’ would work, at all. My understanding was that layered bacon doesn’t cook right. But maybe it’s different in an oven rather than on the stove.


That…defies description, but begs a pathetic attempt or two at one. It looks like a giant excised tumor, but I find the idea absolutely mouthwatering.

There is a local sports bar here that serves a jumbo hotdog, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, battered and deep fried. Served with all the toppings you want, including slaw, onion, chili, sauerkraut, etc

Hold up. I saw something intriguing in the comments for Turbaconduken.

White Castle Sage Stuffing

Obviously the recipe as listed is missing a key ingredient: bacon.

How have I lived in ignorance of this recipe for so long???