Beck, beck, beck! Spoken by the girl who lived

What do I do now?
I had my plans all laid out. Why doesn’t anything ever go the way you plan?

Tuesday I had a liver biopsy. And it turned into a surgery as part of my last rib was poking into my liver. It caused a small laceration.

Wow. So my liver won’t kill me after all.
What am I gonna do?
I was so scared Monday night. And now that’s gone. I feel high. The euphoria is sickening.

I’ve been riding the Drama train far too long. I just just got kicked off.
I forget how to be normal, tho’.

On the plus side I feel good. I got sprung from the hospital. I ate tacos. My pets are home waiting for me.
The grandwrex send me texts and pictures.

Is this normal?

Glad you’re still with us!

– Happiness ought to be normal, anyway.

I’m not sure about normal, Beck, but in your case, it’s certainly deserved.

I’m hating my job today and everyone associated with it. I read this and remembered that I don’t have any real problems. Thanks for the reality check, check, check!
I’m glad you’re still with us.

Hooray for Beck, and for tacos! I’m so glad that it wasn’t more serious.


I’m with OldGuy. After all you’ve been through, you deserve happiness. Don’t question it, just enjoy being among your family and your critters. How is Clarence doing? Soon we’ll have to call you Elly May.

You should’ve said that last night.

Hey, Beck, Beck, Beck. You have been sent into one battle after another, each one critical and potentially life-threatening. Enemy forces have breached the line! They have new and formidable weapons of individual destruction! You may not survive the battle!

You have a brave and tenacious spirit, and I salute you. When you get a break in the fighting…when the enemy turns out to be a pesky rib that stumbled into the wrong territory…the delights of everyday civilian life must seem beautiful beyond compare.

I hope this break becomes permanent, and the bliss does, too.

Plus ca change
Plus c’est la meme chose

That is awesome news, news, news! Glad that you’re still with us and now doing so much better! I love your stories and don’t want to lose them!

Awwww. Mr. Fish, you do care about ol’granny Hawkins!!

The surgeon came in to see me before my release. He had papers to sign and started barking rules and things I couldn’t do for at least 3 mo. No trampoline, no contact sports, no diving. What!? He clearly doesn’t understand my life.
Son-of-a-wrek asked him could I go back my comedy club tour. Dr. Polk said: “NO.”
Son said to me “Ma you’ll have resume your race walking career, we can’t have you not being a productive member of this family!”
See, Son-of-a-wrek is fascinated with race walking since the Olympics. That boy won’t do.

I asked the Dr. Polk a few pointed questions about what I could do.
Mr.Wrek and Son racewalked out the room at that point.
Me and the girls laughed and laughed.
Dr. says: “I see I’m not getting anywhere with you people”
He handed me my aftercare sheet and left.

I am so glad everything turned out OK … healthy people take their health for granted, it takes scares up to a higher pitch when we folks with organ damage and pre-existing conditions hear some doctor tell us they have spotted something odd and want to check something out more.

Snu-snu! :wink:

Isn’t it time for you to have an adventure that is NOT medical? Please?

Glad you are home and well. I think that deserves another taco.

I had a small adventure today.
When I got out of the car the pets and grandwrex were all so happy and jumpy. I had to sit down kinda quickly.
I looked at the deck steps and thought I could make it.
Sat my butt right down on the ground.
No one seemed to notice at first.
Except Clarence.
He bobbled his ugly face over and smiled at me.
I thought he was gonna jump in my lap.
I was gotten up and went in and got him some cheerios.

Small adventures are awaiting ol’beck.

I’m ready.

He missed his Beckmama!

Sweet! You have a boo for sure there. I’m guessing adventures don’t come much smaller than Clarence. They’d better not.


I’m picturing a podcast series: “Beckdawrek’s Tiny Adventures.”