Beckdawrek update

Be nice to Lefty. He’s all she’s got, now that Poncho’s gone.

Bad bad, bad Lefty!

No, no, no. She has to get better. Tell her we miss her!

I’m thinking good thoughts for you, Beck. We all hope you feel better soon.

My Meezers send you extra good wishes, Beck. (We miss you here!)

My meezer and this geezer send good wishes too and {{{{ lots }}}.

And Vienna meows her very best.

Princess Allie (believed to be a Siamese mix, see Pet Pictures thread) is purring up a storm, Misty (dove) is contributing cooing.

Any news?


Last I heard, treatment for the stone was successful and she is due to come home (if she isn’t there already). I will check and see if there are any new developments.

Thank you for the update, @Sunny_Daze. That sounds like good news.

I had my own brief kidney stone incident last week, and I was thinking about Beck, remembering that she had developed one, too.

Thanks, Sunny.

Thank you for the update. Now you kidney stones, stop bothering Lefty. He’s got more than enough to deal with without you.


Thanks for the update!

Oh, good. I mean, a kidney stone’s not good news, but I was afraid we were going to be told that Lefty was trying to move to Cleveland.

Thanks for the update. Good news!

Poor thing. Health problems are such a curse.

I hope you get well soon Beck.

Hoping to hear from you soon, Beck. We all hope you are well.

Hoping you check in soon Beck. Anxious to hear from you.