Been meaning to...a show and tell MMP

Finally…I uploaded pictures last week. I’ve been meaning to share knitting pics. And then we went to the conservatory and saw butterflies on Friday. Got some good pictures there. Also, my nephew is silly. And did I mention it snowed last week? Arghh.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my procrastination in uploading and/or linking to pictures, so I’m offering everyone the opportunity to use this week to show us pictures or tell us stories they’ve been meaning to share.

Here are mine:

Knitting: the sock I just finished and the cardigan I finished a couple of weeks ago.

Pizza with nephew: he ordered an unbelievable number of meats on his half of the pizza. Also, he successfully dodged my attempts at taking a picture of him. Bonus picture: nephew jumping out of tree.

The conservatory: he took great joy in handing little kids butterflies. Someone nearby decided to label him the “butterfly whisperer.” Bonus pictures of blue orchids and succulents.

Snow in March? Yes, we had it here. Hoping for a snow-free April.

So, what are you holding back?

Happy Monday, all!


Nothing much to add except Cute Pictures! :slight_smile:

Let’s see if I can manage to post more than once or twice this week… :o

Hey, the MMP has transmuted! I’ve been a good little mumper and asked the mods to fix us…

Can’t look at flickr from work, will check pics at home.

During Mom’s last visit we went to the Alcázar (fortress) and took a guided tour. The camera was cranky, though, so we couldn’t take pictures. There was a book in the store which looked interesting, so Mom told me that would be my gift, but since I was planning on coming back to take pics and we were still planning on walking around for a while and it was heavy, we didn’t take it.

Last Saturday I went, took pics, bought the book. It isn’t that good: the pics are nice (although there are too many night scenes if you ask me, it being a book about the Middle Ages), but the written text is pretty painful. It has factual inaccuracies (Tudela became important under the “moors”, but there are pre-invasion ruins, so it was NOT founded by them), self-contradictions and lack of logic (“Saragossa was called ‘the white’, perhaps because of a text by Blahhisname which says it had white walls”… uh… it would have been called ‘the white’ because of the walls, not because of the book, plus right behind that you quote another text which says “Saragossa is called ‘the white’ because so her walls and so many of her houses are whitewashed’” - so why the bloody hell are you speculating, genius?). It’s called Roads of Al-Andalus and has two siblings, Roads of Sefarad and the still-unpublished one about the Christian side (which I think is Roads of Spain). If you’re ever around here and see it, there have to be better ones out there.

That is a serious pizza.

Haze!! :slight_smile:

(if nothing else, you’re somebody who’s even more negligent of their MMP duties than I am! :p)

Yeah, I know. :: hangs head in shame :: It’s been a crazy past year. I’ll peek in more often, I promise. :slight_smile:

I know exactly what you’re talking about…

I like peeking, too :wink: So, how you doin’…? :slight_smile:

No stories, just irk.

No pics here either! :frowning: But it’s Monday, I’m up and almost caffeinating (LOL I don’t have my coffee in hand just yet … here it comes now!! :D) …ahh… good stuff! :slight_smile: Wonderful pics, btw, GardenTraveler–the knitting looks great, and yeah, your nephew is a goof, but a good goof. :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to go up into the 70s today. I am so looking forward to warm temps! Back to the 50s and 60s for the rest of the week however. Bah! Oh well, soon I’ll be complaining it’s too hot, no doubt! :smiley:

Have a good day all, even though it is Monday.

Home sick. My throat is still sore, my nose is still dripping, and my eyes are watery. Plus I hardly slept last night. I’ve got my pillow on the couch for some heavy-duty TV watching in a bit.

Here’s the monster afghan I made for my sweetie - UCF’s school colors. Coincidentally, Purdue’s colors and my high school’s colors, too. It’s double crochet with 2 strands of yarn using an 11mm hook - size P I think. Each band is 4 rows wide and I started with 100 stitches of gold/black, then finished with 4 rows of black all around the edges. It’s a monster but it’s warm.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I think I’ll brew some tea and assume the position on the couch. And of course I’d be sick today when we’re supposed to get near 80. :frowning: Welcome to my pity party…

MPP: Monday Picture Post?


This post will officially make no sense once the title gets changed.

My girl is off to DC for the week with her seventh grade. I’ll miss her :frowning:

We start having a house keeper again today! It’s been years and I’m terribly excited. My house is a disaster and I feel guilty for not cleaning more. This well help!

That was some pizza and very cool butterflies!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ YAWN ‘Tis 53 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 84. We shall get rained upon tonight which will bring in cooler weather Tuesday (high 65!) and Wednesday (high 74) then the 80s will return. So much for spreadin’ weed ‘n feed today as it would just get washed away. Oh well, there’s always Wednesday when it will be less windy. Yeah, my life is that excitatin’.

Howdy Haze! Do come back more often. Maybe we just have to post pics of pizza to entice you. :smiley:

MOOOOOOM feel better. For now, the couch and teevee are prescribed. Along with medicinal ice cream, of course. We must have our medicine.

I don’t do pics very well. Heck, right now, I’m not even sure where my really cheap digital camera is. If I did find it, I’d have to load the software onto this 'puter cause I did not when I bought my new 'puter. It’d be so much work! Poor me.

Ok, need more caffiene and some brekkie for a very demandin’ rumbly tummy. Of course irk purtification must also commence. I’m goin’ in a little later this mornin’ cause I have p.m. appointments that shall keep me there later, which is a good thing. Thus, I have yanked some beast stew out of da freezer for dindin. I have some really good N.O.H. bread to toast up, so dindin will be good.

Happy Monday Y’all!

ETA: Yay for the housekeeper Soapy!


Monday = meeting hell. I’ll be spending most of the day at a conference table in various locations trying to stay awake.

Therefore, I must go get more WTHU. Carry on.

I didn’t even notice… :o Shows how much attention I’m paying.

Make sure you’re not hungry when you open the Pizza picture. Because it will either make you insanely ravenous or it will put you completely off your appetite!

I know… At some point you have to resign yourself to the children not really being “your kids” any more :eek:

Nooner, I know you weren’t hang around here a couple weeks ago when it was news in the US: do you have any comment on the story about the snake biting the enhanced boob of the model and dying of silicone poisoning? It supposedly happened in your corner of the world…

I forgot to bring my coffee with me this morning. Blurfity blurf blurf blurf.

No pics lately that y’all haven’t seen. Cool butterflies! One of these days we’ve got to get down to the Butterfly Garden at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Tx.

I’m here today, then off Tue and Wed for doctor appts for Dad, then Friday off and take Dad to the dentist.

I need a nap.

::head splats face first on desk::

I got a call from an agent (one of the biggest agencies around) to ask when would I be free for someone else to call me and do a “technical evaluation”; we didn’t set up a specific time, as my duties today are very close to “none”. I’ve been staring at my cell and carrying it all over.


Taking a break from sofa-lounging. I decided to watch 30 Rock on Netflix - pretty funny show, so I’m entertained. I’ve had tea and I’ve worked my way thru a pile of tissues. I want something, but I don’t know what that is. I think I’m hungry. I hate being sick. Ick.

Fingers crossed, Nava! And remember, a watched phone never rings/beeps/plays Bach/whatever your ring tone is. :wink:

I think I’ll head back to the TV. Wonder if there’s any medicinal ice cream in the fridge?

Sorry, I can’t think of anything to show n’ tell, I’ll have to think on it. Storming, but warm here, hope it slacks of enough for me to enjoy the temp… Happy Monday all! feel better, **FairyChatMom **