Beer, Butts & Bows: A Pictorial

Having a camera in my phone comes in handy sometimes. If I run across stuff that is either interesting or whimiscal, I can just snap off a pic or two.

These, for example:

Not Your Father’s Crack Creme
…but really, I know it’s anatomically relevant, but was this really the best name they could come up with for their product?

Water Conservation Made Bud Wiser
Someone had a little fun with this sign.

Somewhere Over The Rainbows
Caught this reflection rainbow just after a day of rain. The reflection rainbow is fairly faint, but it’s there. Particularly striking are the clouds casting a shadow over the left side of the primary rainbow. (Although I snapped one with my camera phone, I ran upstairs and grabbed my real camera to take the photo linked here)

The Anusol appears to be of French (or possibly Canadian) manufacture.

Anusol is French for Anu Sun which became linguistically corrupted over time to A new sun.

The makers are telling you that if you use their excellent product to lubricate your derriere against the ravages of haemorrhoids and other bottom-related tragedies, the sun will be shining up there in no time at all.

It’s a metaphor.

Oh, don’t hand me that. Everybody knows the only person that can make the sun shine up there is a proctologist. Are you telling me that one squeeze of Anusol and out pops a proctologist? Or do you need to get Anusol Plus for that?

Anusol Ultra, actually. Anusol Plus will only get you that creepy guy who hangs out around the bus station.

Nitpick: If there were a reflection rainbow in that scene, it wouldn’t be in the frame. A reflection rainbow would come out of the ground at the same point that the main rainbow hits it, but in the opposite direction, and curve around in a big circle over the top. What you have there is a secondary rainbow.

To be absolutely correct about this we must discuss the effects of Anusol in the light of its contribution to the arcane science of illumino-proctology.

I don’t want to go off-topic in your thread so you’ll have to make the opening statement.

If you want.

You’re right, of course. That was my ass typing. I don’t know why I let it. Perhaps some Anusol will keep it in line.

Contribution to … ? Oh, now you’re just having me on. They haven’t made a hemmorhoid unguent with phosphorus since that incident in the 60s where a hemmorhoid-afflicted distance runner who had used the creme had built up enough friction between his cheeks to leave smoke trails.


Better still, photo?