Beer Can E.D. and The Mother Yeast, The MMP

Neat OP, Swampy. When you’re on the bottle line, does Raymond Scott’s Powerhouse play in your mind? :smiley: It would mine - and it was while I was reading your OP.

Well, Bob* is starting to blend with the herd a bit. Red and Sugar Ray have more or less accepted him while Scheherezade remains standoffish. Oh and what I originally thought was an odd mane haircut turns out to be clumps of his mane falling out from the malnourishment :frowning: He spent a long time at the salt lick while I was brushing him.

He’s awfully cute and sociable for the hand that’s been dealt him. Vet’ll be out later today. I’m already quite attached just what I need, another cute fluffy distraction. I suspect a month of alfalfa and some grain will make him right as rain in a month or so.
*Temporary name as suggested by LOUNE, although husband calls him “Chickenbutt”.


So tie tie. I hate mornings.

curls back up on couch

::carried over from da old one::

Oh yes you have…

I’m sharpening my knife.

me first - he only called you a name - he pulled my hair and pinched my nose
::sneaks up behind LOUNE’s couch with a pitcher of ice cold water::

Good Monday morning! Fun OP, Swampy - all you ever wanted to know about beer production but were afraid to ask, eh? :wink: Let’s just hope that they keep the Mother Yeast better protected than Bush beans does their bean recipe!

Ok, gotta go to work-more later today!

Good morning! :slight_smile:

(I can’t believe I’m cheerful…)

I woke up before my alarm again. But not early enough to go back to sleep and have a chance of waking up again in time to comfortably go to work. Bother.

I’ve been dreaming of going to New Zealand.

Well, actually, last night I had a long, complex, and interesting dream that almost all the people in the world vanished and I was left alone. Eventually I met up with another woman–I was female in this part of the dream–and we huddled together for mutual comfort. Then, we found two dogs. Then other people, some of whom I knew from work, appeared, and we ended up with a thriving little settlement with an economy based on sharing tasks and making bread. By this time I was male again and had resumed surfing the internet. I woke up when I hit a disturbing piece of artwork.

Yesterday I and my closest friends M and C saw some family friends off at the airport. The family friends were a family of four of last name C: husband G, wife D, son L (16), and daughter H (9). They were returning to New Zealand. I met them at the airport, ans I live in the city and they were all coming down from the outlying town of Georgetown.

The C family had been staying at my friends’ house for a month and using it as a base to drive around and visit people. G was from Canada. D was from New Zealand and had come over years ago as a nanny, met G, gotten married, and had kids. Four years ago they moved back to New Zealand.

I’d met the Cs before they went back to NZ, and had the occasional video chat with them at my friends’ place. I was rather fascinated to discover that in the three years since they moved, the lids had picked up a New Zealand accent, H especially. I guess it makes a difference the younger you are.

L is now taller than I am, with dark hair and sunglasses. My first impression upon meeting him was, “Wow! He’s turned into one of the cool kids!”. H is a charming redheaded girl with freckles. We all went out to see the Simpsons movie on Friday night–L is a huge Simpsons fan–and I spen some time talking with H. She’s very smart. It’s so cool to see how they’ve grown into interesting people.

I hadn’t met G before. He is, among other things, a musician, and he played at the Georgetown homecoming festival this past weekend. (My friends M and C used to live in Georgetown, that’s how they met the C family.) He still has his Canadian accent. D, of course, had the New Zealand accent she grew up with.

I’d been up visiting M and C a week ago, and saw the Cs. I was sitting on the couch with my laptop showing Google Earth to D, and we discovered that you can zoom right in on their house in New Zealand. (“No, it’s the one with the black roof! Isn’t that the trampoline in the back yard?”)

At this point a Skype window popped up on top of Google Earth, and it was J from Brazil calling. I met J online through Esperanto, and he is a Brazilian diplomat now living (at it turned out) in Japan. We chatted a but in Esperanto, and I explained what was going on to C and D. C stuck her head into the field of view of my webcam and waved hi, made as if to kiss me on the cheek, etc. Then J said hi to her in perfectly good English. He’d known what C was saying all along. Man, was I embarassed.

So yesterday we saw the Cs off at the airport. Terminal One may be vast and expanded, but it’s still a seething mass of people at times. We stayed with them as they waited through the lineup to check baggage. I think both L and H were a bit teary at the end, and we all hugged. Then they went through into US passport control (Toronto has US preclearance facilities, and they were connecting through LA).

Now I want to go to New Zealand.

I did my ambulance shift Saturday night. Much butt-picking ensued.

Saturday was the Rescue Squad picnic. We were supposed to meet at a private lake at 1 PM for boat operation training, supposedly to learn how to [del]troll for corpses[/del] drag the water, but really to play. The boats we brought, one private speedboat, and the rescue squad jonboat, weren’t allowed in the water because they were outboards. :confused: :dubious: Their lake; their rules.

So, while we were goofing around, we got 2 calls. One was for a kid having a severe athsma attack and no inhaler medicine on hand, the other for an old lady in the local nursing home who was having behavioral changes related to her medical problems. The chief and I went to the call for the old lady. Overall, is was a simple one, and I got my first time as the primary care giver. :cool:

The pickinick (no baskets) was fun, but I was the 5th wheel because I was dressed for the ambulance instead of the water, and my swimsuit was 15 miles away at the station because of the run. :frowning:

Stopped at home on the way back to the station with the ambulance to do a couple of things, and Loki freaked when I drove up in such a strange vehicle.

When I got to the station, I settled in, and got 0 calls all night. There was a lightning-sparked forest fire Friday night, and it re-kindled Saturday night, but even that was a fizzle.

In other news, VWife’s birthday is today. We’re going out tonight for din-din.

I always associate New Zealand with LotR and cheap English summer schools, for some reason. Hm.

Can’t believe I’m posting before I had coffee. Morning, everyone. Will post more coherently in a bit.

Oh man it’s early isn’t it? I need toothpicks to get the eyelids to stay open.

Also in the park where they hold Lollapalooza is the Field Museum (Natural History & stufff…)

We spent all day yesrerday at the ball game with the Kid and her friends, then met my cousin and her husband again for some food and drink.

Loooooong day.

Ah, my coffee!


Great OP, SwampBeer! That part about the mother yeast is kinda creepy, though. :slight_smile:

I’m glad the water is finally receding, BooFae. Y’all need a break, that’s for sure.

Sounds like a good visit, Spacy.
My weekend consisted of:

Baking a birthday cake for my son, then delivering it to him at his apartment - I got to wake his lazy butt up! At 12:30 pm! Hee! (Naw, he works really late, and it was his birthday the night before, after all.)


Grocery shopping. Only $130! :rolleyes:

Cooking. Saturday was meatloaf, last night was Italian breaded pork chops and cheesy creamy tortellini. Yum.

Helping Mr Rebo put a bunch of stuff in the attic. We’re trying to clean out the storage unit we’ve been renting for about a year.

And Saturday night we had date night, and went to see Transformers! That was awesome!

Happy Monday, all!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Again. :smiley: What it was mornin’ when I posted the OP.


Spacey sounds like a nice visit. Seein’ old friends is always a good thing.

picu I got some new pullover “Polo” type shirts, a bottle of champagne, two cases of beer (one from JoeDawg!), a buncha cards and a jake party with a really jake cake (in case y’all missed the pic I posted Saturday) made by a good friend. Yesterday I got treated to lunch and had some “appreciation” from ol’ y’all know who. So, I had me a good bday!

BooFae glad you’re finally dryin’ out over there. I’ve done flood cleanup before. ICK!

Ok, off to caffienate some more. Later Y’all!

ETA: And of course there was beer involved. Silly picu for even askin’! :smiley:

Good morning, all. For real this time. I am tired, but drinking my coffee and trying to be awake. Computers are semi-working. I lost about an hour’s sleep in total, because even after I finally went back to bed, I couldn’t fall asleep again.

I did read your OP last night, swampy, even though I didn’t comment on it. It made me smile, thanks.

More later after coffee. Bleh.

I forgot to say howdy to the Dotster! Come back and play, ok?

Drinking coffee. Stressing out over life. I hate Mondays.

BooFae, glad to hear things are drying out. Flooding sucks. Everything is sticky and smelly. Ew.

First day back to work after having surgery 5 weeks ago. Ugh. I wish I was in NZ. Suturday I went ot ht edogpark to meet a co-work who’s been begging me to come. I explained that with 5 dogs and 14 acres, my life is a dogpark, but finally gave in. I was there at the appointed hour and she never bothered to show. She explained today she couldn’t get her car started. :rolleyes: I’ve been cleaning my new dream stove, so hopefully I can get it installed. That puppy weighs 400 pounds and will be a bear to maneuver. Still, it’s in beautiful shape for a 55 year old stove.


First off…HAPPY BIRFDAY TO DA BEAR!! And eggsallant OP! That was a tres chic cake, too!

As far as the Mother Yeast, it put me in mind of this fungus. Mayhap, they are related.

The weekend was quiet but it’s looking like the week will be hoppin if this morning is any clue. First off, the scrapers came this morning at about 7 aye yem. The scrapers be lil Bobcats with plow-like front ends. They came to take off the top layer of grass and whatnot of where the pool will be. They made a lot of noise which set off the huahua alarm. I don’t think the nextdoor neighbor who works nights was very happy.

So then I get to work and find the biggest fuzzy jumping spider on my windshield. It was so big, I thought it was one of those knit things.

boofae, glad you are drying out.

Off to pull billing folder for a recon with team leader.


Good morning! Although what’s good about it, I’ll have to get back to you on.

Welcome or welcome back to the Mumpers I haven’t seen here before or recently, SurrenderDorothy, silenus and Sunspace!
Do y’all have nicknames?

swampy, thanks for sharing more about your work. It’s very interesting!

meeks, sorry about the charlie horse. Those are painful. But if it isn’t in your leg, is it still a charlie horse?

Haze, except for the coffee, it sounds like I’m having the same morning you are.

Happy birthday, VunderWife!

Stomach feels a bit weird. I’m trying to decide if I should drink tea or just lie around. I need to pack up the kitchen and do laundry. After I stop feeling weird.

What should we feed everyone for lunch on Wednesday if we’re maybe not going to have power for a while? We’re doing pizza for dinner.

Happy belated Birthday, Swampy.

And Happy Birthday to the VunderWife. I did drive past your turnoff on Friday morning, but we took 17N back. It was two hours down, and one hour back.

And when I came back to work this morning, I found that Roundboy took my coffee mug and cleaned it. Bastard. It hadn’t been washed sinceI got it in 2000, and had been in use continnually since then.