Before I am driven mad mad mad - screensaver help needed

So the computer folks at work designed this lovely screensaver deal in which photos of staff appear, disappear and glide across your PC screen. All nifty, but very distracting if you possess any degree of peripheral vision.

Any handy way of delaying the appearance of these images during the moments you are not working at your PC (right now, it’s only a couple minutes of idleness that triggers the Happy Contented Staff Parade of Nitwits)? Or inactivating them? Or sending them to a competitor?

If you go to start–>settings–>control panel and choose the display applet, you should be able to configure under the “screensavers” tab. Assuming they wrote that capability into the screensaver, of course. If they didn’t, then you’re probably out of luck.

Assuming you are using Windows:[list=1]
[li]Right-click on your desktop (or open control panel, then display)[/li][li]There should be a tab called “Screen Saver”, click on it[/li][li]Enter a new value in the “Wait [xx] minutes”-field[/li][/list=1]

On the off chance that you’re using Mac OS X: Click on “System Preferences,” then “Screen Effects.” You’ll see three tabs: “Screen Effects,” “Activation,” and “Hot Corners.” You can see the time delay in “Activation.” You can also make a corner of your screen a “hot corner,” either immediately activating the screen saver or keeping it from activating.

Thanks, I found a delay option, and more or less changed it to “Do Not Start Slideshow Until The Next Millenium”.