Behold, Jester, Killer of Threads

Yes, that’s right, I think it’s a curse. Whenever I contribute to a thread, it just kind of…dies. People mysteriously stop responding, and I’m left cold and alone. Being me, I’d gladly chalk it up as a conspiracy on behalf of the government and the Keebler corporation <shifty eyes>, but I begin to be worried. If anybody needs me, I’ll be huddled in a ball in the corner…

No, I am the killer of threads.

Or is it that I just arrive too late in the discussion?

Nope, I’m killing 'em.

“conspiracy on behalf of the government and the Keebler corporation”

And what exactly have you been smoking lately?
As any rational person knows, the government is not in cahoots with the Keebler corporation.
The government has been in a secret conspiracy with Disney.
Keebler is neck deep in covert ops with Liberte de Quebec(sp?)

Ah, yes, of course. How could I have missed that obvious connection? Oh well, guess I’ll have to cut off that end of the grape vine. And spooje, c’mon, come to late to threads? Me? Of course not. Never. :wink: Oh well, when I wrote that I hadn’t had any coffee yet, I was a bit tired and beyond rational thought (moreso than usual). Also, it’s more fun to think that it’s a curse.

Aaah yes, I remember when I was 100. I suspected the same thing. Now I don’t suspect it anymore. I know it…
My suggestion? Go get yerself another cup of coffee and post like mad. Eventually, if you post to enough threads, people will have to respond. Worked for me!

I hate to disagree with you Demo, but I feel that I must restate my claim. I am the supremo killer of threads. My secret, discover a thread two days after everyone else had wrung the life out of it.

Hey, jester, you’re my new VP. Check the candidate thread and you will see that you did not kill the thread, but instead you inspired it.

If you really want to kill something, kill my opponents, alright?

::and with a puff of smoke, Connor makes this thread suddenly sink to the bottom::

I’ve had three days of posts never responded to. That is, every single thread I posted in for three days dropped to the bottom.

Certainly ain’t no Midas touch…

You’re right, Connor. It’s all in the touch. Mine if feather-soft and oh, so adept at ruthlessly sucking the life juice out of any decent thread. Been doing it for months. It’s a gift, so I can’t even brag about it.

(Is my crown on straight?) ha.

Yes!! I got the VP!! Anyway, glad to hear that I’m not the only one sharing this affliction. Go on, bitch about problems all you want, it’ll get this thread more recognition, and maybe break the spell! Oh, and while you’re at it, Vote Steeljaw!!

“Steeljaw: Cause who really gives a fuck?”
(Sorry, had to promote it somehow.)

Keep the horror stories coming, and we’ll start a thread-killer support group!

Jester, I thought that I was the only one. Perhaps we should form a secret cabal of thread killers? We could save the mods a lot of work by just posting to misplaced threads & instant death…

Odieman - I thought it was only me that did that. I see PB’s dragon thread or the cat thread’s after everyone else has said everything that could possibly said & either bump it back to the top & look lame with a “me too” comment or just lurk quietly & sympathetically, feeling useless (useless is a new poster, but he kinda enjoys it).

Oh & I put weird things like that in every post - maybe that has something to do with it?

I thought it was just me.

I am a newbie, so when I posted to about a dozen thread and there was absolute silence after that, I thought it was just because nobody liked me. Then I realized that like fellow thread-killers I possess an intellect so superior and awe-inspiring that, after I’ve commented on a subject, there is nothing more that needs to be said. :wink:

Ah. . . You young pups know nothing about the art of thread killing. Let me show you how it’s done with style . . .

Nope, gotta post here just to prove Tymp wrong. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Damn you, fierra, my newbie nemesis!

[sub]I know you’re not exactly a newbie any longer, but the phrase has a nice ring to it.[/sub]

Wait, over 100 posts isn’t newbie status anymore? HOT DAMN!! Tymp, you just made my day.

Whoa! Not so fast there, Mr. One-month-old!


Aw, Tymp. You gotta be so rough on the guy? I think Jester’s done remarkably well for just one month and under 120 posts. Can’t you cut him some slack?

Hey Jester…don’t feel bad. At least he didn’t call you Mr. One-month-old Thread Killer. See? There’s a bright side to everything. wink

Die thread.

I think I’m on a serial thread-killing spree. And all my neighbors just say “He seemed like such a nice quiet guy.”.