Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee ice cream

Never had it before - Google says it was introduced three years ago? Wow - it was good! It just might displace Mint Chocolate Chip and Heath Bar Crunch as my favorite B&J flavor. Yummmmm.

Anyone else had it? What did you think?

Oh yes! I was amazed that it tastes just like creme brulee, crackles and all. My very favorite ice cream.

It’s fantastic, and it does taste just like creme brulee…but Mint Chocolate Cookie is still my favorite :slight_smile:

I looked and looked for this when it came out could not find it then, and alas, cannot afford it right now, I’m glad they are still making it, so maybe I will have a chance at some sometime.

Finished off a pint last night.
Love it

I’ve never seen that one before!
How did I miss that?

I’m going to the grocery store tonight and if they don’t have any I shall be disappointed!

I had it for the first time this past summer. It is sublime.

Alas, I am back in the land-of-limited-Haagen-Dazs-and-Ben-&-Jerry’s-choices, and must wait until my next trip Stateside to once again savor it.


That sounds amazing. It’s going on the shopping list.

I’ve had it.

I didn’t manage to never buy it again, though. But I can eat less of it at once than I could when I first bought it.

Wonder if they got it over here. May have to include it on the itinerary for a trip back home.

For me, your first sentence is always preceded by “Started and”

It is my favorite flavor, and, since I always eat the entire carton, I only get it every two or three months.

I prefer the Haagen Dazs version, if they still make it.

Oh dear god no. I really wish I hadn’t heard of this.

Now I’ll NEVER lose weight.


I friggin’ love creme brulee, and I’m much more of a savoury/salty person. But good creme brulee? I still remember eating it at Clinkerdaggerbickerstaffandpetts (or whatever it’s called) in Spokane, WA each fall when we went to the States for the fall shopping trip.

Oh, yes, yes, yes!

I have never, ever had creme brulee as good as I remember from those trips. Rich custard. Thick, caramel-y, hard shell. Jesus, that was sublime.

And now you tell me this can be replicated in an ice cream?

I am doomed to be fat forever.

Oh yes, I LOVE it.

Unfortunately, I need to get my cholesterol under control, and I don’t think I can eat like that anymore, except maybe for very special occasions only. :frowning:

It’s delicious, but their Caramel Sutra (which may no longer be made, I forget) is IMO even better, for that sweet/salty/fatty combination.

Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee is an evil, sinful thing that no one should ever try. Ever. You WILL be sorry.