Ben & Jerry's is going to kill me.

I just discovered their new Creme Brulee flavor.

I couldn’t stop eating it, even though it was sort of overwhelming. I did eventually manage to put it back in the freezer, but not until I’d had 1/4 or 1/3 of the dang pint!

It’s really tasty. I’ve never eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one go in my life, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I manged.

I’m just going to die if I do give in to this new addiction too much. Check out the nutritional info on that thing!

You’re telling me that Ben & Jerry’s isn’t single serving size?

Not to my poor little self. I feel defective!


Jeez, I’ve eaten a half gallon in one sitting, and it wasn’t even Ben & Jerry’s. If they started using larger containers, they’d still be single serving size.

It’s really hard to fight the urge to run to the store to get some of that…

That looks DELICIOUS!

I feel the need to point out that ice cream did kill Burt Baskin and neary did in Ben Cohen, so don’t go overboard.

Yeah, but they were and are in the ice cream business. I like to think that most people don’t sit around eating ice cream all day…but then again, who knows.

Try The Gobfather, yum.

Haagen Dasz also has a really awesome Creme Brulee flavor - maybe it’s the next big ice cream thing?



Oh Jesus, Ben & Jerry’s is a dieter’s nightmare. One pint of Chubby Hubby is something like 1600 calories.

Had a moment of weakness during a diet once and I consumed a pint in one sitting. By the next day, I had gained two pounds. :mad:

How can people eat that much of anything at one sitting? I like ice cream but there’s no way on the planet I could eat an entire pint at once. I couldn’t even eat half that - it’s just too much too muchness.

How … admirable … of you.

You must have had some other moments of weakness, too, then, as a pound requires 3500 calories of over consumption.

I ate a pint of that once. In 20 minutes. The local grocery sold out quick and hasn’t gotten any more in.

Back in the day I used to keep a spoon in the glove box so I could eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s EVERY DAY on the way home from swim practice. Granted I had just completed several pool miles so I was probably breaking about even calorie-wise.

Wow. I’m impressed.

I’ll be getting home really late tonight, so that B&J pint in there is probably safe. But I’m home all day Friday…

Oh cut it out. It’s an actual question - how does someone eat that much without feeling sick? If I tried it, I’d feel ill (probably be ill) and that would put me off ice cream forever. I can only eat so much of one thing at a time before I can’t stand the idea of eating one more bite of it. Is this unusual?