Bend over... kiss your ass goodbye... say it with me

Everyone together now, let’s say our little versions of "bend over/grab your knees/head between your legs/kiss your ass goodbye.

Ok, now again.

One more time!


Now that you have that out of your system, can you PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND QUIT REPEATING IT??? I think it was clever one time, in the mid-50s, in a small town in Indiana. Since then it is stupid, cliché, and it gets on my nerves–which is a grievous sin.


Why in god’s name do all ridiculous/hickish/idiotic things HAVE to come from the midwest??? As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have a guy from Bean Blossom on my Jeopardy “team” (if that would ever happen) than some inbred yahoo from the Appalachians!!!


I doubt the guy was born there. I think he was just visiting.

Cosign. Just because we’re from Indiana doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of dumb hicks.

Oh, Opal . . . It sounds to me like someone’s ass is hurt at not having gotten any smooching lately . . . Nothing worse than a sulky ass.

If/when there’s another terrorist act in the city I love, the last thing I’m going to kiss goodbye is my own ass. I think I’d grab a nice, cute blonde and kiss her instead.

In most cases you probably won’t have time to kiss your ass. People really should be aware of this.

Hey Opal…it looks like someone forgot to tell The Master Cecil about this.

If this is true, shouldn’t we set up some sort of buddy system? I mean, I may not have enough time to kiss my own ass, but I can probably manage to kiss someone else’s ass goodbye for them…
Who’s with me?

I’d kiss her ass’ suburbs, if you know what I mean…

I’d like to kiss my wife’s ass, but there won’t be near enough time…

My boss can kiss MY ass.

You’re all a bunch of ass-kissers!

Opal, I agree with you. I am sick of that expression too.

It’s like the joke my cousin tells whenever anyone mentions dogs. He says “I’m going to get a dog. I want a cross between a bulldog and a shih-tzu.” And then you’re supposed to ask him what kind of a dog that is, so he can respond… well, you know. It’s not funny. It was never funny. Not ten years ago, not five years ago, not last year, and not now. He still says it, but now it’s just to annoy me. Although I think he still thinks it’s funny.

I’ve always thought that if I get in a situation where kissing my own ass applied, I’d wonder why I wasn’t in a place where I could say, “what was that?”

I personally plan to kiss the ass of a Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey.

Band Name!!

If I could bend so far over to kiss my own ass, I’d be busy with other matters.

Where is this phrase being repeated? I haven’t heard it in years (a good thing!!!).

Guess we Alaskans are way behind the times!!! lol

And just because someone is from Appalachia doesn’t mean they are an inbred yahoo.

I’ve seen it in about 5 threads in the last 24 hours, for one thing.