Best and Worst Song from the Simpsons

BEST: easy. Planet of the Apes: The Musical is inspired. It’s one of my MP3 files and it never fails to impress others when I play it. Lyrically and musically, this one’s the top.

WORST: “Children! Children! Future! Future!” I know it’s a parody and that it’s supposed to be annoying but God I hate it. I figure that’s what Elfman had in mind when he wrote – it worked.

Planet of the Apes was funny but Apu’s “Who loves the qwicki mart” and burn’s “Be my Vest” are up there too. Oh and the one that they sing when the brothel is about to be leveled by Marge.

I liked when they went to NYC, the song about the betty ford clinic. That was pretty damn funny.

Worst, would be anything from that mary poppins rip off, or that quickie mart song.

lol, you didn’t like quiki mart?!! I can’t remember it but I remember laughing.

I liked the one from the Burlesque house episode, “We put the Spring in Springfield.”

I also liked “Simpson, Homer Simpson. He’s the greatest guy in his-to-ry. From the town of Springfield…”

And, yeah, the Mary Poppins songs sucked.


I liked Burns’ “See My Vest” song the best.

“So let’s prepare these dogs…”
“Kill two for matching clogs!”
“See my vest, see my vest, oh pleeease won’t you see myyyy veeeeeest?”

I really like the vest.

He’s about to hit a chestnut treeee…D’OH!

You can’t just leave a great line like that hanging ;). My favourite is also Burns’ See My Vest.

Narrowly edging out “Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Wanna Get Off” is the Stonecutter Song. “Who controls the British crown, who keeps the metric system down, we do, we do…”. The highlight of a great episode.

Worst? “We Put the Spring in Springfield”. Never liked that one.

I’ve always been partial to both Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart? and The Monorail simply because Homer manages to screw up in both of them.

The Planet of the Apes songs are great, but don’t forget the musical version of Streetcar Named Desire.


“Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
Smells like a steak and seats 35?


One more vote for “We Put the Spring in Springfield”


Danny Elfman wrote the theme back in 1990 – and that’s it.

Alf Clausen has done the music for every episode since about the 2nd season. And all he does is compose the music. The episode’s writer usually gets credit for the lyrics.

I have to point out that I was at a mini-Dopefest last weekend, where we spontaneously broke into the Stonecutter’s song. That, in my book, makes it #1.

And the Maison Derrierre song grates on me for some reason.

What? Nobody’s mentioned Scorpio?
. … . . . . . . … . . He loves German beeeeeer!

The little Homer songs are like tiny pearls for me.

*I take a whiskey drink
I take a vodka drink
And when I have to pee
I use the kitchen sink
I sing the songs that remind me I’m a urinating guy…

When you have a ribeye steak
You must floss it!
Hey that meatloaf tasted great!
You must floss it!

Oh! And who could forget…

Max Power, he’s the man who’s name you’d love to touch! But you mustn’t touch! His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn’t fear! 'Cause his name can be said by anyone!

My least favorite is “The Jazz Man”. I know it’s not a Simpsons original, but it’s still annoying as all get up.

In my book the Stonecutter’s Anthem is far and away the best.

Many candidates for worst, most from the all singing/flashback episode.

Do any of you have the CD? I think it’s called Songs in the Key of Springfield. Anyway, We Put the Spring in Springfield isn’t great.

Best overall: Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?
Best ending: Monorail
Best accompanying images: Flaming Moe’s

I thought I’d be able to answer pretty easily, but as I read the thread, I kept thinking, “Oh yeah, that one, too…”

Pinned down for three, I’d have to say the Stonecutter’s song, “I’m Checkin’ In” (which I would always break into in my head when I was admitting someone for detox), and “See My Vest”.

Worst? The one from the Marge’s Boobies episode last week, and anything Lisa sings. (“Do the Bartman” will just have to go without saying–I don’t think it was actually on the show.)

Dr. J

As a song, “we put the spring in springfield” is the best. For accompanying images/image, Canyonero is far and away the best.

What was the song they were singing in the simpsons home, when Apu popped up and sang “And for no real reason here’s apuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”??? That has to be the best line in a simpsons song.